Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Talking TEch for August 26 2014

3 funny tech jokes


These are just 3 short one liner jokes that I cam across on Twitter.


A programmers wife says “run to the Store to buy a loaf of bread.  If the have eggs, get a dozen”.   He comes home with 12 loafs of bread.

A Farmer had 97 sheep, but when he rounded them up he found that he had a hundred.

What did the CPU say to the managed memory pool? free you later allocator.


A Tech Fact: Interestingly The Definition Of A Computer in 1946


In 1946 the Merriam Webster Dictionary defined computer as “a person who tabulates numbers; accountant; Actuary; bookkeeper.”


QANTAS and Virgin Get Green Light for Inflight Gadgets


As of today you will be able to use your tablets and phones for the whole flight.  However, they will still to be in flight mode, but you can still do your work.





The First Of My Two Purchase’s this week


It is still tech, but probably not quite what you expect.  I am now the proud owner of a hands free sensor kitchen bin which I purchased from Kmart.  Just walk up to the bin, the lid senses you are there, and the lid pops up: put in your rubbish and the lid closes after about several seconds.  The lid of the bin is the thing that does all the work, so if the actual bin part breaks, you can just buy another bin that fits the lid.


The Second Of My Purchases For The Week


I wanted some good head phones for work to block out the noise in the open plan office, and also needed them to work with my iPhone and Mac.  After a bit of searching around I finally decided upon the Beats Wireless head phones (not to be confused with the Beats Studio Wireless head phones).   For some reason I couldn’t find the Beats Wireless head phones on the Apple online store, only places like Harvey Norman, JB etc: purchased mine at Harvey Norman.


The Beats wireless fold up in to a soft carry case (included) and come with a remote cable for iPhone (with clicker) to use them as wired head phones, Bluetooth supported, mini UsB cable for charging the rechargeable battery which lasts 10 hours on Bluetooth and 20 hours wired, and a user manual.


Whilst not completely over the ear, the soft filled part of the ear cups do cover all of your ear and block out quite a deal of background noise.


The left ear cup has the Beats logo on it and at the bottom the UsB mini port.  The right ear cup has in a  clockwise clock layout the multi function on/off/answer/hang up button 12 12, next track at 3, 

volume up at 4, volume down at 7, previous track at 9, in the middle play/pause button, and at the bottom the 3.5MM head phone port.


They were easy to pair, when you plug in the cable Bluetooth is turned off, and they make a cool sound when you turn them on and off.




Painting The Back Of The Accessibility Fence - iMore


In June 2014 Rene Ritchie from iMore wrote an article entitled: Apple and Accessibility: Pushing Back against uunacceptable realities:


which gained some attention in the blind and low vision community with him appearing on the Tech Doctors Podcast: Painting The Back Of The Apple Accessibility Fence.


Just another example of how main stream technology sites are mentioning accessibility more and more.




A Famous Steve Jobs Speech Is Hidden on the Macs Hard Drive


These two speech’s are Here’s To the Crazy Ones from the Think Different campaign, and the Commencement address to Stanford university in 2005. all in one file (apple.txt), just paste in to Go To Directory (Shift+Command+G) /Applications/Pages.app/Contents/Resources/.


Just remember, you’ll need Pages installed on your Mac for this file to exist.



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