Monday, 30 November 2015

Talking Tech for Dec 1 2015

Document Accessibility Toolbar From Vision Australia Digital Access Release Dec 3 2015


On the 3rd of December (International Day for Persons with a Disability), the Vision Australia Digital Access team will be releasing the Document Accessibility Toolbar for checking and creating accessible Word documents.


On the radio program, Stephen Jolley interviews Neil King (Manager of Digital Access) about the Document Access Toolbar. 


Reminder about VA Summer Of reading Webinar, Dec 2 2015 at 7:30PM ESD. 

Reminder that the Vision Australia Connect App is also available on Android.


Direct url forVision Australia Connect in the Play Store: 


FSCast 117: Freedom Scientific Merge with Optelec


Business as usual for both companies for the moment, more to come next year. 


ABC iView with Audio Description now available on the web


You can now access and watch ABC iView Audio Description via the web making it available to a much wider audience. 


Apple pay launch’s in Australia from November 19 2015


From the Sydney Morning Herald, info on Apple Pay which currently only works with directly issued American Express cards.  Apple pay is convenient, secure, private, and accessible.  See my auto demo of Apple pay after the SMH link. 

Apple Pay demo: 

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Talking Tech for november 17 and 10 2015

Talking Tech for November 17 2015


Updates From Me:


Talking About the Apple tv on the Tech Doctor with Dr Robert Carter and David Woodbridge 

Completed my 21 podcast series on the Apple tv 4th generation using VoiceOver 

Great time last week Talking To ATUg


Next meeting of ATUG in February 2016.


Android Ware: Audio Feedback


Audio feedback for   Android ware .


Need to have someone with sight turn it on, very primitive, and will only work with the LG Urbane 2nd addition.

Can turn on Power button to hang up a call, but need sighted assistance to turn it on.

Can make/receive calls, send sms messages, use cards, but no information on accessing apps. 

Google support page: 


Vision Australia Webinar: Holiday Summer Reading




Register now for Vision Australia’s Summer Holiday Reading webinar



2 December 2015


7:30 PM


Vision Australia


Webinar, Online, National


1300 84 74 66



Don’t sweat, we’ve got your books covered this summer! Following the success of our recent Dreaming of Streaming webinar, we are hosting another webinar for our community. This time, we are focusing on top summer holiday reading tips and tricks for people who are blind or have low vision. 

More information on the webinar, including panellists, to come soon!

Save the date: Wednesday 2nd December at 7.30pm AEDT. 

How to join: the webinar will be held online and it’s free to register. Your own internet usage charges will apply.

Registrations are now open: get in quick as limited places are available.

To register for the Vision Australia webinar, enter your details in the online form here. Any questions? Email us at


A New daisy Player available from Talking Mp3 Players web site: Podcast on the daisy player: 


A Tip on Using the Va Connect App


If you 1 finger double tap and hold on a book title, you can download the book rather than streaming it and also have the option to return the book.

This info doesn’t appear to be in the help info within the app itself.a


Apple updates the software on the Apple tv 4th Generation 

Some other Apple tv bits and pieces


1. You can use the 3rd gen remote on the new Apple tv,

2. If you Apple tv is on, you’ll get a 20 percent low battery warning and a remote charing when plugging back in the Siri remote,

3. Need to ask Netflix to turn on Audio Description at their end to use it on the new Apple tv, and

4. iBlink radio from Serotek is also available on the Apple tv.


ACB radio MainMenu for November 6: all about android 

KNFB Reader compared on both iPhone and Android on Cool Blind Tech 

iPad pro now available


Talking Tech for November 10 2015 


JAWS 17 Released


What Is New In JAWS 17 - What IS New Page 


New App For ACB (American Council for the Blind) Radio 


New Game From Kid Friendly Software: Blindfold Breakout




Official Australian Cricket app: broken/fixed for accessibility


Apple tv 4 Generation some points


What is the Apple tv? Streaming box.

New box overall new features:

Siri touch remote,

ability run apps.

32gb and 64gb models.


Other points:


Apple TV 4th Generation  notes


1. VoiceOver doesn’t come up automatically when first setting up: need to press menu button 3 times (triple click).

2. No Bluetooth keyboard support at all.

3. Odd keyboard layout: continuous row of letters.

4. iOS Remote app including Apple watch Remote app not compatible.

5. No default podcasts or radio app.

6. Netflix audio description doesn’t appear to work.

7. VoiceOver breaking up when reading out help text for Siri.

8. Siri currently can’t search in music or apps: only movies, TV shows, and Netflix in australia.


Using Siri

1. Siri doesn’t talk back to you like on iPhone unless your using VoiceOver,

2. To see a list of things Siri can do press the Siri button,

Search movies or tv shows:

Search for actors or directors you like,

Control playback: play from beginning, pause this, go back 10 minutes, what did they say?

open apps,

Ask about weather, sports, and stocks,

3. Hold down Siri button, speak command and then release.



Monday, 2 November 2015

Talking tech for November 3 2015


My NDIS Conference Experience from Oct 26 to 29 Oct 2015 On The Apple iHouse Stand


Presenting at the Apple accessible house stand at the NDIS conference.


Link to the Apple iHouse apps and hardware demonstrated: 


The Vision Australia I-Access Online Service Now Has a Web Short-Cut 


More Exciting News About VA Library I-Access


Vision Australia now has it’s own VA Connect iOS app for listening to books and Newspapers.




JAWS 17 Released


What Is New In JAWS 17 - What IS New Page 


FSCast Podcast 115 with more news on JAWS 17 


Apple tv Fourth Generation Released

 Just to let you know briefly that the new Apple tv 4th generation has been resale and we will spend some of the show next week talking about it in-depth.

Very exciting, fully accessible game console plus iTunes Movies/TV shows etc. 


In the mean time, here is a demo of the new Apple tv unboxing and description done by me.