Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Talking Tech for December 20 2016

As I said last week, I would confirm the pairing of Focus Blue displays from FS with the newly released iOs 10.2 which is now confirmed.  Following is a technical support bulletin from FS.




Speaking of iOS: besides iOS 10.2 being released, you’ll find updates for watch os, Apple TV os, and Mac OS: no accessibility improvements to note as yet.


Olitech Mobile Phone


Just a reminder to folks that the Olitech is a large print mobile phone suitable for folks with low vision, not for people who are blind or who use speech output: only the keypad speaks, not the menus of the phone.


Windows 10 upcoming release in Spring (US) 2017 has a number of accessibility improvements including finally support for refreshable Braille displays:




Microsoft continues its excellent development work in accessibility improvements for Word on Mac, iPhone and iPad:




AccessWorld for December 2016


In this issue, these articles caught my attention: Microsoft Word with NVDA Training Guide, Game Review - Timecrest: The Door, Accessible Recipes for Cooking and Entertaining, and What is NEW in Mac Sierra and the New MacBooks.




AirPods arrived, but no chance to put them through their paces, will report back in the new year with a podcast.


In case you don’t want to wait for my podcast, here is a guide on the use of the AirPods from iMore:




Similarly, I have now got my hands on a loan MacBook Pro with the Touch Bar, and will report what I think in the new year.


Dr Robert Carter who produces the Tech doctor Blog and Podcast has done an excellent job of overviewing the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar:




For those that may need a bit of help with their Apple products over the Christmas/new year period from an accessibility point of view, the Apple Accessibility Helpdesk is only closed in the US on Christmas and New Years day, so you can still contact them outside of these days on 1300 365 083.


I haven’t checked the operational hours for the Disability Helpdesk from Microsoft: but they can be contacted on 1800 280 300.

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Talking Tech for December 13 2016

Vision Australia and Vision Telco now Selling Mobile Phones and Plans




The Telstra 2G Network is now Closed




Podcast from me: My Podcasting and work Set-up at Home




Braille On display




A Blind Legend Comes to the Mac




Netflix Adds Offline Viewing for iOS




How Major Tech Company’s are Improving Accessibility for People with Disabilities




Fake Apple Chargers are worse Than you Think




Saturday, 10 December 2016

Talking Tech for Dec 6 2016

Saying Good Bye to the Mac by Jonathan Mosen


Jonathan makes some valid points in this article all of which I agree with.  As Jonathan states this his personal point of view to leave and its my personal point of view smile that I’m still staying with the Mac.




Make a Speaker Call Using Siri


Hey Siri call David Woodbridge Using Speaker: great if you want to make a call hands free and be able to hear it.




Attenborough Story of Life from the BBC


Over 1000 hours of video clips from Sir David Attenborough’s 60 years of documentaries.




Wikipedia Audio


Great website where the article’s are spoken out with text to speech.




Electric Cars and Hybrids Will Soon Have to Announce Their Presence