Monday, 13 February 2017

Talking Tech for Feb 7 and 14 2017

Melbourne University Develops Device that Detects Obstacles


This will be a fantastic mobility aid if it comes to market for cane and Guide Dog users, detecting non protruding hazards such as descending stairs, pot holes, curbs, and the edges of railway station platforms will be of great benefit.


Blind People See Microscope images Using Touch Feedback Device


This story reminds me of the old Opticon.


My Playing around with Windows Preview 15025 with a Braille Display


Windows 10 15025 is looking promising with Braille display access.


Using Yammer with a Screen Reader from Microsoft


I was quite surprise how well Yammer for the web and the iOS version of the App works with screen readers.  Now using Microsoft office, Yammer, and Skype for Business on my Mac.


VA Connect Update


What’s New:

·   Ability to read text based content including all of the Newspapers and Magazines available through i-access®.

·   Displays the full text of a title when it is available, including Newspapers, with sentence highlighting.

·   Improved messaging feature to receive important messages from Vision Australia.

·   Improved usability and numerous bug fixes in response to feedback from Users.

New Vision Australia branding




The Apple Support App Now Available in the Australian App Store


Get help, read help documents or book an appointment for assistance.




The Talking Microwave Now Available From Vision Australia


Not yet on the online store, but apparently available for sale, retailing for $623.


iPad turned 7 last Week


The iPad was announced in January 2010, and I remember doing the Australian launch for it in May at the Spectronics conference in Brisbane.


AirPods get a Firmware Update


If you have the AirPods in their case, over the last week or so, when connected, you’ll notice in Settings, General, About that the version number will be 3.51.  Apple has not said what the update contains, but my bug with the keyboard talking louder when inputing text has be fixed.


Find my iPhone beta for Finding the AirPods


Like other devices for Find My iPhone, you can get a map reference or play a sound on the AirPods: which actually works quite well as I usually put an AirPod down where I am usually sitting.


Siri Beta Gives Cricket Info


The beta version of Siri with iOS 10.3 will give you the current scores for a cricket game in progress or tell you wen the next match is on for a particular country.


The Complete List of 3D Touch Short-Cuts


You never know how complete these lists are, but its a dual thing to have if you have an iPhone with 3D Touch.


Another Tip on Using the KNFB Reader: Reading the Computer Screen


When I’ve been updating Windows Preview to the next release, KnfB Reader has come in very handy for reading the screen when rebooting several times.


How to Identify Incoming Calls without Looking at Your iPhone


For VoiceOver users probably not useful, fbut for folks that don’t use speech output as such this feature is quite handy.


How to Disable the Tech Bar on the MacBook Pro for Taking Exams


Some States in the Us were the Bar exam is held, requires students to disable the touch bar for the examination.


NVDA Changing Lives in India


Always a good reminder how this free screen reader is changing lives for people who are blind who live in India and other country’s.