Monday, 1 September 2014

Talking Tech for September 2 2014

iPhone 6 Rumor Round Up


This Talking Tech show all about the iPhone 6 rumors.


September 9 announcement with pre-orders two weeks later as usual on September 19 with delivery early in October: well according to the rumors at least.


Now for the actual rumored features of the iPhone 6 starting from the most unlikely to the most likely.


Haptic feedback.

Enhanced GPs functionality through the use of sensors.

Protruding rear facing camera (as with the iPod touch).


Reversible UsB to lightening cable.

1GB RAM (still the same as the iPhone 5s).

Removing the rear top/bottom glass inserts.

Rounded front panel bezel.

Safire glass.

Increased display resolution.

1800 MAH battery

Up to 128GB storage.

4.7 and a 5.5 inch model.

Larger iPhone 6 to be called the iPhone 6L.


5 Things that Some Android phones Have That iPhone 6 will Most Likely Not




Infrared for remote control.

Micro SD card expansion slot.

A longer life battery.



Of Course The Other Rumored device


In the September 9 announcement we might also see some type of iWatch of some sort: guess we’ll soon know.

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