Sunday, 22 December 2013

my first book - iSee - published to the iTunes Store

This is a link to the iTunes Store for my book iSee on Getting Started with accessible Apple products that I worked on at evenings and on week ends over the last six months.

Due to the fact that there were a few accessibility issues with using iBooks Author on the Mac with VoiceOver to create the book, this has resulted in me not being able to quite double check accessibility for VoiceOver on iOS (the iPad) or the Mac.  As a result, there are some issues with navigating the book in iOS, and the Mac in particular.  These will be worked out in the new year.


For me this was an exercise in being able to write, publish, and distribute my own book.

As with anything that is developed, this is both a work in progress for accessibility, and of course updating the book contents.

Actually felt quite odd to be on the other side of the fence as it were using and creating content that also needs to be accessible: both from the content creation process, and the end user.


Back with high lights with Talking Tech for the week of Dec 23 2013

Talking Tech Dec 24 Some of the Tech High Lights for 2013 


1. Zoomtext for Mac released.


2. Zoomtext for Windows updated to support Windows 8.


3. New Victor Stream Reader.


4. Surface Pro.


5. Kindle Fire HdX made accessible.


6. Kindle for iOS updated to support accessibility on iOS.


7. Android accessibility continuing to be improved with screen magnification options.


8. Talking Panasonic TV released in Australia


9. Nokia phones to support the Talks screen reader no longer available: VA still selling Talks.


10. GW Social Eyes accessible interface to Facebook.


11. JaWS 15 released with touch screen access to Windows 8.


12. Mobile Accessibility   for Windows phone 8: no one has really seen this yet.


13. Kindle app now accessible on Android, but no confirmation.


14. Apple:

Apple: TV updated to include low vision options to make it easier to see the screen.

Mac line updated: particularly Mac air with 12 battery life, and the new Mac pro.

iOS 7 released.

Mavericks released (now free).

iPhone 5c, 5s, iPad air, and iPad mini with retina released (no updated iPod for 2013).