Monday, 28 November 2016

Talking tech for November 29 2016


My Christmas Ideas


Before I get on to my Main Stream Tech ideas for Christmas, last show I mentioned the Synapptic software for Android phones, I have now produced my first episode in a series for the Synapptic software which can be purchase from the Vision Australia Equipment Solutions shop.


Christmas Ideas


No links or costs, just straight product names or broad categories just to give you some ideas


Audible, Amazon, iTunes or Harvey Norman etc gift cards


Charging Dock for Smart Phone or Tablets


Charging power brick for various devices


Portable External Hard drive


Apple Magic Keyboard


Samsung tv with Audio Guidance


Apple Watch or Apple Watch bands


iOS or  Android phone or tablet


AirPods if They Get Here in Time


Hope this gives you a few ideas.

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Talking Tech for November 22 2016

Christmas Ideas from the Vision Australia Equipment Solutions shop


Oletech large print Mobile Phone


Synapptic Software on a Samsung Core Prime phone


EZ See Large Print Keyboards


Daylight Foldi Portable Desk Lamp


Talking Kitchen Scales


Talking Measuring Jug


Talking Indoor/Outdoor thermometer


Bump Ons


Liquid Level Sensor 2 levels


Loc Dots: 6 pack


Talking Key Ring Clock


Talking Calendar Alarm Clock


Small Tactile Timer


Big Button Speaker Phone


Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Talking Tech for November 15 2016

Some Thoughts of my Recent Purchase of Tile



Tile is a little plastic tile with a button which allows you to find an object that it is attached to locate that item.  If you press the button on the Tile, it locates the smart phone that it is attached to.


The Android version is more accessible than the iOs version, but still works.


The developer has said that improvements to accessibility should be coming down the track particularly for the iOS version: i.e. only get Tile name and not map location in the iOS version.


iOS demo of Tile



Android demo of Tile follow-up


Watch Aussie TV Anywhere on your Smart phone


Freview FV is a way of watching digital tV free on your smart phone: the Android version of this app is more accessible than the iOS version, but still works.








A Bit of Information on How the MacBook Pro Touch Bar Works with VoiceOver


Yes the Touch bar does work in the new MacBook Pro, you can use your VoiceOver gestures to flick left right, and 1 finger double tap to activate an item.  You can also hold down the Command key and triple tap the Touch ID to start/stop VoiceOver.  As the new Macbook Pro’s don’t have a function key line, holding down the FN key turns the number row in to the function key row.


Quick Tip if You Can’t Remember Mac VoiceOver Commands


VO+HH will bring up the VoiceOver Commands Help menu, if you start typing the word that a command should contain you will get a list of suggestions: comes in very handy..


MacBook Buyers Guide


With the new MacBook Pro’s coming in, Apple’s line up of MacBooks is getting more and more complicated, this article from iMore will hopefully make things a bit clearer.

Sunday, 6 November 2016

Talking Tech for October 31 and November 8 2016

Talking Tech for October 31 and November 7 2016


Apple Keynote event October 28 2016


Accessibility ad started off the keynote.


New Apple Accessibility website announced:


An article concerning the new website from iMore:


New TV app announced for iOs for the Apple TV.


Watch all of your movies and TV shows from one source, rather than multiple apps: folks don’t seem to think this includes Netflix.


New MacBook Pro announced with Touch bar/Touch ID.





better audio from speakers, 

13 and 15 inch models, 

Butter fly mechanism keyboard,

starting off with 8gb ram and 256GB SSD,

Larger force  touch trackpad, and

4 Thunder Bolt ports (2 either side) integrating data, charging, and video in one port.,

No SD port, but we still have a head phone jack,

multi-touch bar replacing function keys. 

Touch bar changes to what app is running, 

system control strip available to changing volume etc,

predictive text,

Touch ID to allow finger print for Apple Pay and faster user switching.

Hold down Command key and triple press Touch ID to toggle VoiceOver.


Microsoft Keynote Held the same week - An Interesting Point


You can still get the 13 inch MacBook Air, but the 11 inch is gone.


Microsoft like the Apple keynote started off with an Accessibility promo ad.


AirPods Delayed


The AirPods from Apple which were supposed to be out by the end of the month have been delayed Apple has said they are not quite ready for release: hopefully out by the end of the year.


Apple Watch Nike Now Available


The Nike Plus Apple Watch is now available.


So we now have updated series1, series 2, edition, and Nike Plus.  Nike same as Series 2 but with specific Nike Band, watch face, and pre-installed Nike app.


This Support Document for Resetting the Mac, is a bit alarming: No More Start-Up Sound


Interesting that on new MBP’s the start up sound is not mentioned, I hope this does not mean its gone.


KNFB Reader for Android still on at 80 Percent off


When I last checked yesterday, Google was still subsidising the KnFB Reader at this great price.


New Podcast from Me - using the new Move/Delete function in iOS VoiceOver


So much easier using this new functionality of moving/deleting apps.


Upcoming Podcast from Me - unboxing and step of the BrailleNote Touch


A couple of Products I’ve tried out Recently


The Elgato Window/Door Sensor, and

Native Union Key Lightning to USB Cable.


JAWS 18 released


JAWS 18 now is officially released and out of beta.