Monday, 24 November 2014

Talking TEch for Nov 25 2014

Serotek Announced the resignation of 5 Staff Last Friday in the US


Letting 5 staff go for what ever reason really should have been immediately followed up by a proper press release.


These are the folks that produce System Access, SAMN, Docuscan, iBlink Radio, and several well known podcasts including Serotek’s weekly technology podcast.


Official statement link follows but this could have been handled a lot better on Twitter over the week end where it got a bit nasty on Serotek’s behalf of which these Tweets by the company have now been deleted.


The official blog release didn’t arrive until Monday Aussie time, a bit late.



So no more podcasts it looks like from Serotek, but we’ll have to wait and see.


According to the company their still on track for the future.


Global RED Campaign to Fight AIdS Supported by Apple


From November 24 through to December 4, Apple is supporting the RED global campaign to fight the spread of AIDS through sales on the app store and their retails stores.  When you purchase specific apps or products, a part of the sale goes to support this vital campaign.


In Other Apple News: Free button changes to Get button in the iOS App Store


Don’t be put off if your looking for the Free button to purchase a free app now in the iOS App Store: it has now been changed to Get button instead.


Some Tech Christmas Ideas for 2014


Thought it would be nice to list  some tech type items to put under the Christmas tree for 2014 or to purchase any time for that matter.


From Amazon or from their own Suppliers


The BEM Bluetooth Speaker band for use with iPhone or Android..

Fitbit Flex band for tracking your steps etc for iPhone or Android..

Kindle Fire HDX Android based tablet for Kindle books etc.

AQ Audio Speakers for cost effective Airplay speakers around the house.

Aftershokz Bluetooth bone conduction  ear phones.

RIVO keyboard for iOs or Android.


From Apple or Apple Retailers


Apple TV.

iPod nano or iPod shuffle.

iPod touch.

iPhone or iPad.

iTunes gift cards that can be read by the iPhone or Mac camera to get the code.

Monday, 17 November 2014

Talking Tech for November 18 2014

Talking Tech for Nov 18 2014


More Yosemite Podcasts from me:


Changing your Login iCloud to use your iCloud (AppleID) Password,

Setting up SMS Text forwarding from iPhone to Mac,

New browsing mode in Safari,

Voice dictation and voice commands, and

Using iBooks, and

Sending a voice mail message with Messages.



In Apple news: from OS X Daily


OS X 10.10.1 is released:


Mainly wifi and email fix’s. 8.1.1 is also released:


iOS 8.1.1 released 


Main notes were in relation to making iOS 8 more stable on iPhone 4s and iPad 2. on the iOS 8.1.1 update from Applevis:


iOS 8.1.1 Accessibility Updates from Applevis 

iOS8.1.1 is now available to go get if you are running iOS8. One of the very welcome fixes is the automatic announcement of who is calling again while the phone is ringing. Siri is fixed and acts correctly now

AccessWorld for November 2014


A review of the KNFB Reader app (which quite impressed the reviewer), for iOS,a review of several mobile connected  health devices (most of which are not accessible), and making music with the Beamz: a great tool for fun and education.



Google to Test Fly Balloons which transmit wi-fi over Western QLD: from the Guardian


This is  just very cool indeed.  These balloons fly at twice the hight of a jet and stay up for 100 days.  Testing will be done by Google in conjunction with Telstra for the test trial.  This type of thing would be of great benefit in covering disaster sites etc.  From the same Google lab that has brought  us Google glass’s, and the Google driving car.


Article from the Guardian from SMH

Monday, 10 November 2014

Talking Tech for November 11 2014

Talking tech for November 11 2014


A bit of a mixed bag this week.


Podcasts from me


I’ve started producing a number of podcasts on Yosemite (OS X 10.10).  At this time they include making calls from your Mac via iPhone, answering calls on your Mac via iPhone, Hand Off between iPhone and Mac, Notifications Centre, iBooks, and toggling adjustment volume sound.

Have posted 4 of these so far to my podcast blog at: 

iOS app: Tap To Share


When doing my demo of Notifications Centre and Tweeting about what I was doing a demo on, a person on Twitter commented that it would be nice to be able to tweet from Notifications Centre on iOS, not just in Yosemite as was previously available.  A person commented with the Tap To Share app which puts a widget in the Notifications Centre to post to Facebook and twitter.


Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel more accessible on iOS with VoiceOver


Earlier this week Applevis tweeted that  Word and Excel were now more accessible on iOS with VoiceOver.  I’ve briefly tried Word, and whilst it is better, spell checking still seems to be an issue: i.e. Pages much better for this.


Microsoft Word: Applevis 

Microsoft Excel: Applevis: 

How to Migrate files to iCloud from Dropbox andWhy you may Want to Wait: from iMore


By the looks of this article, Dropbox or another general cloud drive service is still better than iCloud. 


How to Prevent iTunes from Syncing Automatically with your iPhone: from iBlog


This article is handy if you don’t want iTunes always connecting when you plug your iPhone in.

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Talking Tech for October 27 and November 4 2014

Talking Tech for October 27 and November 4 2014


October 27 2014


As I said in last weeks show, I would catch up this week with all the Apple news from the recent Apple event held a few weeks ago.


Apple News


In the Apple event two weeks ago, Apple Announced iPad 2 air, iPad mini 3, iMac 5k, OS X Yosemite release, iOS 8.1 available last Monday Oct  21 in the US (Tuesday aussie time) which includes Apple pay (for US only) and other bug fixes and improvements.


A quick highlight of these products in this show, except Apple Pay which is not currently available innAustralia.  I’ve also listed the other iPads and Macs that are sill current, which gets a little bit confusing for the iPad range.


iPad air 2

From $619 wifi.

Connectivity: wifi or wifi/cellular.

A8x chip.

Touch id.

Reduced glare.

No side switch.

Thiner and lighter than the iPad air.

9.7 display.

Colors: silver, gold or space gray.

8mp camera.

Storage: 16, 64 or 128 GB.


iPad air

From #499 wifi.

Connectivity: wifi or wifi cellular.

A7 chip.

Thiner and lighter than the iPad 4th generation.

9.7 display.

Color: silver, gold or space gray.

5MP camera.

Storage: 16 or 32 gb.


iPad mini 3


From $499 wifi.

Similar to the iPad air 2

7.9 display.


iPad mini 2

From $369

Similar to the iPad air.

7.9 display.


ipad mini


From $299.

Similar to the iPad 2

A5 chip.

7.9 display.

Storage: 16GB.


Note - iPod touch

You can still get an iPod touch from $249 for 16GB (32 or 64GB as well) if you don’t want an iPad or iPhone.


Here is a link comparing iPad models. 

The new iMac 27 with 5k display


Really for video or photo editing.

From $2999.


Note - you can still get the standard 21.5 (from $1349) (and 27 (from $1999). 

New Mac mini


A good entry level Mac.  You’ll just need your own keyboard, mouse/trackpad and display (if required).  Mains powered.

From $619.

Note - MacBooks start at $1099 so still a good deal to get in to a Mac. 

iOS 8.1 and OS X Yosemite


Now both released with new features and improvements.

Continuity and hand off really do bring iOS and OS X closer together.


iOS 8 

OS X Yosemite