Monday, 21 December 2015

Talking Tech for December 22 2015

AccessWorld for December 2015


Product review of Speak Easy,a review of Making Windows 10 Easy to See, how far Blind Fold Kid Friendly games has come etc. 


Tripview Sydney/Melbourne VoiceOver Scrolling Bug Fixed


The bug which caused VoiceOver users to have the page scroll back to previous times when looking at a trip has now been fixed in the latest update.


First Week in December: Apple updated Os versions Across the Board


Apple has updated OS’s for Apple TV 4th generation, iOS 9.2, watch os 2.1, and Os X 10.11.2.


Apple Releases iOS 9.2 with a number of accessibility fix’s (Applevis) 

iOs 9.2: Braille displays connectivity are now more stable.

Apple tv 4 ben 9.1: Siri alert sound gone, volume up/down sound gone, and Siri can now search for music.


Apple Releases Battery Case for the iPhone 6s giving an Extra 25 Hours 


updated Remote app for iOS now works with the Apple TV 4 generation


Great for parents who are blind as the parental pin number entered in to the Remote app is only heard on local device (using head phones), rather than being heard through the Apple TV/TV speakers. 



Mosen Consulting Releases Apple TV 4 Generation with VoiceOver


Excellent book.

Monday, 14 December 2015

Talking Tech for December 15 2015

VA Employment Services


Interview with Jordan Ashby (Vision Australia Employment Services) to explain what VA Employment services is all about, and how to contact the service for further information/assistance.


Catch Up With The Vision Australia Summer of Reading Webinar 


If you missed this webinar held on the 2nd of December 2015, here is the page to get access to the Youtube version, transcript, and book recommendations. 

Victor Stream Reader 4.6 software Update


Record Internet Radio and mass delete podcasts.  In addition, the podcast links for Vision Australia feeds has been fixed. 

Windows 10 Essentials for uses of the NvDA Screen Reader 

Smart Phones are Revolutionising Indoor Navigation for the Vision impaired. 

QSeek from Accessible Apps Released


With Control+Alt+Q look up a definition of a word, check your spelling, get stock info, translate a phrase in to your language, Consult wikipedia etc.

Monday, 7 December 2015

Talking Tech for December 8th 2015

Christmas Ideas: Vision Australia Equipment Solutions


Daylight  Foldi Desk Lamp 


3x LED Pocket Sliding hand-held Magnifier 


Umbrella With Torch


Just had to put this one in. 


Big Button Cordless phone 


My Christmas Ideas


Amazon, Apple, and Audible Gift cards


Always a great idea especially for people who purchase lots of digital content.


Blues Digital Sparks Microphone


Great microphone that you can use on iOS via the lightening connector cable or on Mac or Pc via the USB connector cable. 


Beats Pill 2.0 Bluetooth Speakers


These speakers are great: good sound for a small portable speaker, plug in to another device via 3.5mm out, charge another device from the speaker itself, and connect two Pills together via NFC. 


Apple tv 4th Generation


Fantastic accessible streaming box, and of course, a fully accessible app and game console: great if you are a parent. 


iPod touch


Entry level device in to the iOS eco system. 


iPHone 6s


Had to recommend an iPhone of course. 


Apple watch

 Still finding mine very useful.


Note - two sizes 38mm and 42mm, plus you need an iPhone 5s and above. 


Apple watch bands


For those that have an Apple watch already, don’t forget you can get different bands.


Chargers and Cables


Sounds odd, but giving people an extra charger for work or a couple of extra cables that they can use to plug their devices with isn’t a bad idea.