Monday, 4 August 2014

Talking Tech for August 5 2014

Assistive Technology Puts Creativity Within reach


To me this is what Assistive Technology is all about: from the Age and other sources


“Christopher Hills, 18, is quadriplegic, born with athetoid cerebral palsy, which severely limits his ability to control muscle function and speech”, writes Katie Cincotta for The Age. “His brain works fine but to use a computer he relies on his neck muscles to operate a switch control… Apple recently built Switch Control directly into OS X, which Hills says is a huge benefit. To his parents’ surprise, Hills has become so masterful on his Mac that he’s qualified as an Apple Certified Pro in Final Cut Pro X, software recently used to edit the award-winning Australian feature film Mystery Road. He has similar ambitions to be a visual storyteller and is studying video production online at RMIT”.                   “Assistive Technology Puts Creativity Within Reach”


Quick Apple News Update


New beta’s available for iOS 8 beta 5, Yosemite beta 5, and Apple TV.


Shazam  now Available  for the Mac


The music and TV identification app that is available on iOS, is now available on the Mac, and is just as good for identifying what might be playing on your radio on the backroom as you work on your Mac: just runs in the background and is free.


Smart shoes vibrate you in the wright direction with Google Maps


These shoes vibrate on the left or right foot to let you know when to turn, if you have left your phone behind, and can count your steps etc.  Originally designed to assist the vision impaired, the shoes developers have found a much wider market.


Gw Micro Connect ended  as of August 4


The GW Micro Connect Skype client has now ceased due to Microsoft closing down Skype Kit which Gw Connect was built upon.


Braille Tutor


Compatible with: iPad, not iPhone or iPod touch.

Developer: iEnable - Technology Solutions and Consultancy.

App provides an introduction to learning and writing Unified English braille (UEB) for sighted and blind Braille learners.

App is free with in-app purchases: 18 non contracted Braille lessons are free and 72 contracted Braille lessons cost #2.49.

App is compatible with VoiceOver for navigating, and self-voicing (Voiceover turned off) when interacting with lessons.

App provides a Braille on-screen keyboard with 6 keys and the Space bar, and on the home row of a Bluetooth keyboard for Braille keyboarding.

Whilst refreshable Braille is supported with voiceover for navigating, can not currently input Braille from a refreshable Braille display.

Up to 28 activities in each lesson, press Enter to repeat an instruction on a BT keyboard, shake iPad to clear your answer before pressing Enter, if incorrect answer after 3 tries hint give, if incorrect answer after 5 times moves on to next activity.  Lessons are scored for each activity and each activity can be run through as many times as required.


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