Monday, 11 August 2014

Talking Tech for August 12 2014

AFB AccessWorrld for August 2014


Two of the articles that caught my attention in this issue were: the FitBit exercise band, and an evaluation of an accessible Samsung television.


How to Reboot an iOS device without touching the Home/Power buttons


Just in case your hardware buttons on your iOS device are not working, you can either simply choose Settings, General, Accessibility. Bold text (on) or choose Settings, General, Reset, Reset Network settings to reboot the iOS device.



How to Share your Macs Internet Connection


This is a handy tip particularly if your in a hotel room and you only have one connection and you have a number of devices.


Beats Gets its Own Section on the Apple Online Store


Recently Apple purchased Beats who amongst other things produce speakers and head phones, they now have their own section on the Apple online store: previously they were just listed under other sections within the store.


Accessible crossword for iOS


Lots of folks over the years have asked about an accessible crossword puzzle app for iOS that would work with VoiceOver, well, now there seems to be one.


The Trialling of iBeacon Technology for travel 


Two story’s concerning trialling iBeacon technology by RNIB in the UK, and at San Francisco airport in the US.


SFO App for Guiding Passengers who are blind




RNIB trialling iBeacon on Railway Stations



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