Friday, 1 August 2014

Talking Tech for July 22 2014: notes posted 1/8/2014

Voice Dream Reader demo


Last week on the program I mentioned the ability now to download from Vision Australia I-Access within side the Voice Dream Reader app and the possibility of me doing a demo of this process: this has now been done.

You can download the demo from my podcast website:


Just a note about the Closing Date for the ACCAN Apps For All Competition


Just a quick reminder that the Apps For All competition from ACCAN closes tomorrow the 23rd of July.


More News on the Inquisitor Audio Heart Beat Adventure

The other week I mentioned that the Inquisitor Audio Heart Beat adventure game had been released


Apple releases new seed/beta updates


Yosemite developer build 4 was released.


iOS 8 beta 4 was released with the bug feedback app being taken out.  Amongst other updates and improvements, a Tips app is now included to give the user some tips and tricks in getting the most out of iOS 8.


iTunes 12 beta was released with a newer interface:i.e. some of the extra items found in the source list now under a More option.


Get credit on your older iOS devices to update to newer ones


Last week Apple rolled out to Australian retail stores the ability of customers to bring in their old iOS devices and use the trade in money to get a newer device.

First gen iOS devices and the most recent iOS devices are excluded: bet to check with the store.


Adding iTunes credit to your App Stores credit


Another rollout recently for Australian Apple retail store customers is now the ability to go in to the store and via the iTunes and Passbook apps on your iOS device, purchase credit for the various app stores without having to use a credit card to do so.


Mastering the Macintosh with voiceOver


This free book on using the Macintosh with voiceOver is now available from the iBooks Store for free.

It does cover some low vision options, and takes the focus of using the trackpad on the Mac with voiceOver as you would use it on an iOs device.  I.e. does not get bogged down in to many keyboard commands, but tries to use the trackpad gestures for most actions.




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