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Talking Tech for August 19 2014

Vision Australia Further Education Bursary Awards Announced for 2015


Yesterday Vision Australia announced that the Further Education Bursary Awards were now open.  The closing date is October 31 2015.  These Bursaries are to assist students in completing their course work by using adaptive and main stream technology.


For further information or to obtain an application form/guidelines, visit:


In Apple News


OS X Yosemite developer 6 has just been released.  Interestingly, no sign of iOS 8 beta 6 or a possible GM (Gold Master) release.


My Next Purchase: a New Pair of Nifty Head Phones


Beats Wireless head phones which are both Bluetooth and can connect via a 3.5mm cable to any other device.  .  In addition, the connecter cable for the head phones also has an inbuilt mic and the clicker that you would find on iPhone ear pods to control an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.


iBlink Radio for Android and iOS Now Available on the Mac


Serotech who developed System Access and the SAMn, have previously made available their iBlink radio app for Android and iOS with content for the blind or low vision community.


Content includes: Serotek news, audio tutorials and interviews, blindness resources, community radio, convention coverage, SPN radio, podcasts, and access to SAMN sampler.


This app is now available for free on the Mac App Store.


A Quick Round up of Starting Accessibility on All Apple Products


I tweeted about this over the week end and thought it would be useful to sure again.

iOS devices (iPod touch, iPhone or iPad): accessibility short-cut or triple click home as it was called before to toggle on/off accessibility settings via the Home button.

Apple TV; Accessibility short-cut menu to allow you to toggle on/off VoiceOver or Closed Captioning via the Menu button on the remote.

OS X (Macs): Option+Command+F5 to allow you to toggle on/off various accessibility options such as VoiceOver, Zoom, invert colours etc.


Which Apps Are Draining Your Battery


This app is quite interesting, based on other iOS users data tries to give you info about which apps may be draining your battery.  Some accessibility issues, but overall no to bsd.


How to Make Free Ring Tones in iTunes for Windows

I came across this info during the week doing some research for a client that had rang up the adaptive technology help desk.  These two article links show you how to use iTunes to create ring tones for your iPhone from your own music.


How to Make Free Ring Tones in iTunes for Mac

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