Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Talking Tech for March 31 2015

This weeks show is all about Netflix.


The other two services mentioned in the show for online streaming were:












Netflix: Netflix is a subscription online streaming service which became available in Australia on the 24 of March 2015 for movie and tv shows:



I signed up via the Netflix channel on the Apple TV which requested me to put in an email address to complete signing up on the Netflix website.  


Can sign up for a month free trial, and if you want to continue, will auto renewal.  Subscription is on a monthly basis and you can unsubscribe at any time.



1 screen unlimited streaming $8.99 per month.

2 screens unlimited streaming $11.99 per month.

4 screens plus unlimited streaming $14.99 per month.


I signed up for the 4 screens plus subscription as I wanted to access Netflix on 3 Apple TVs, and 2 iPhones.


Netflix works on many devices, so far I have watch Netflix on my Mac, Apple TV, and iPhone which were all accessible with VoiceOver.  You can also watch Netflix in your browser which is what I was doing on my Mac.  I haven’t tried out Netflix on Android yet.  I must say though the website is a bit messy and prefer to watch on either my iPhone or Apple TV.


The managing of my Netflix account mainly done by the Netflix website: Can set parental restrictions, personal preferences, and setup profiles (unto 5) based on adult, children under 12yrs or children over 12yrs: have done this for my family so that each person can get better recommendations on what they have viewed.


You can see (on the iOS app at least: varies on the web version and Apple TV:

Continue watching,

My list (favorited),

Top PicsPopular on Netflix,

Exciting movies,

and so on.

On the Apple TV you can access:


Recently watched,


TV shows,

New Releases,

My list (favorited),

Search, and

Switch profile.

Under a child’s profile, the options are (on the Apple tv) Suggestions for you, Kids characters, Search, and Change profile.


Movie Genres include:

Action and Adventure,

Australian movies,

Children and family movies,




Horror Movies,

Independent movies,

Romantic movies,

Scifi and fantasy,


World Cinema,


Good selection of TV shows.


It looks like for the moment Netflix only supports Closed Captioning: no sign of audio description, but I have seen on the web some folks mentioning that they got audio description talking by accident and wanted to know how to turn it off (most likely in the US).

Found the following lists of Movies and TV shows for Netflix in Australia on the web:

List of Movies on Netflix available in Australia:



List of TV shows on Netflix available in Australia:


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