Monday, 9 March 2015

Talking Tech for March 10 2015

In this weeks show:

A quick note on the Apple event which took place today 10/3/2015 to be talked about in more detail on next weeks program, completing the top 10 assistive technology events from Blind Bargains for 2014, some highlights from the ATIA conference held in January this year, and AccessWorld two editions for Jan & Feb.


Apple event for 10/3/2015:

As this event only took place this morning, we decided to put it over to next weeks program by which time we have had more time to digest what was covered in the announcement.


Remaining items from Blind Bargains top 10 assistive technology events for 2014:

4. The reorganisation of Serotek.

3. Merger of AI Squared and GWmicro.

2. Window-Eyes for Office.

1. KNFB Reader.


ATIA Conference Jan 2015:

The Assistive Technology Industry Association (ATIA) Conference took place earlier this year, Some of the tech covered by Blind Bargains in their interviews included:

HIMS: Pre-release versions of the Smart beetle 14 cell Braille display, and the Blaze et.

AISquared: Window-Eyes 9 with improved web support, complete restart feature (no more screen reader lock ups), and an announcement that AI Squared will be releasing Zoomtext with a full screen reader inbuilt.

Voice Dream Writer: the developer speaks about the product and how it differs from other text editors.

Signaids: talking NFC signs and prescription bottles.


 AccessWorld two editions for Jan & Feb 2015:

AccessWorld for Jan 2015 article of note:

Comparing screen magnification in iOS 8 and Lolly pop V5.

Access world for Feb 2015 main articles of note:

A review of the Be My Eyes sighted assistance app for iOS.

ATI Conference highlights from the exhibit hall.

A review of the HIMS E-Bot Pro remote controlled video magnifier with OCR, Computer, and tablet compatibility.

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