Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Talking Tech for March 17 2015

In this weeks show:


A quick note about CSUN conference first week in March, and the Apple Keynote from last week 10/3/2015.


CSUn Conference 1st week in March 2015


Nothing dramatically jumped out at me from this years CSUN Conference which took place in the first week in March.


Blind Bargains has over 20 audio interviews from the conference which you can listen to via the following link or downloading their app from the iOS or Android app stores.



Blind Bargains podcast number 8 was a quick run down of some of the notable things at the conference.




Apple Keynote event March 2015


As I said last week, we have now had a bit of a chance to think about the stuff covered in the Apple Keynote event, and how it effects us in Australia.




Every major car manufacturer committed to CarPlay for new models from 2015: talk to your phone rather than looking at your dashboard controls.  Compatible with iPhone 5, 5c, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 plus. With compatible cars, go in to Settings, General,CarPlay.




Research kit:


Introducing research kit to turn iPhone in to a powerful medical diagnostic tool, examples and video of how research kit is applied.  Will be open source.

Released in April and the first 5 apps available today US only.

Apple stating again will not see your health data.




New Macbook (available in April):

13.1mm thin (thiner than the original iPad).

12 inch retina display.

Gold, space grey or silver.

Full size keyboard edge to edge.

Trackpad with force touch with haptic feedback.


New UsB-C port to support charging, external display, and UsB transfer.

FaceTime camera, internal Microphone, and ear phone port.

All day battery life (up to 9 hours).

$1779 starting price.




Apple also outlined updates to the Mac air and Macbook pro available from the day of the keynote.


Apple watch

Overview of the Apple watch - time, watch faces, glances, read/send messages/Mail, make/send calls from your wrist (not covered in last years demo), sending tactile taps to others with an Apple watch, health and fitness, and demo of using Siri.


Demo of a few Apple watch apps (a very cool demo of opening a garage door remotely from the Apple watch).


All day battery life (which this time means 18 hours smile).


Apple watch is water resistant not water proof, so ok to ware it out in the rain, washing your hands etc.


Apple watch companion app  available with iOS 8.2 released on the day of the Keynote March 10.

Not much in the Apple watch app at the moment as there is no Apple watch to pair with: mainly watch videos about the Apple watch.  My short demo of the Apple watch is at:




Video demos of manufacturing the sports and stainless Steel Apple watch’s, a brief mention of the gold Apple watch and its price (will only be available at select Apple retail stores and other selected retail stores).


Pre-release April 10 and available April 24 with the two weeks before release, customers being able to go in to an Apple store and try on the different Apple watch’s and bands.


Still no news on accessibility.


Pricing for the Apple watch:

Apple watch sports: $499 38MM and $579 42mm.  

Aluminium case with display protect by Ion-X glass.

Colours - Silver or space grey cases.


Apple watch (Stainless Steel): $799 38MM $799 and 42MM $879.

Stainless steel cased with display protected by Sapphire crystal.

Colours - stainless steel and space black stainless steel cases.


Apple watch edition (gold): from $14.000.

Note - different types of bands for the Apple watch and Apple watch edition add to the overall cost.

Bands include: rubber (fluroelastomer), leather, Milanese loop (s steel mesh), and stainless steel link bracelet.

The rubber style bands are for all models, but the Sports only has the rubber style band available in 5 colours.

the Apple watch edition also has gold bands to choose from.



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