Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Talking Tech for March 3 2015

We’re back!!!


A big thank you to Tony Egan for keeping the technology fires burning for Talking Tech Summer editions.


In this weeks show:


A note about CSUN taking place this week from the 2nd  until the 7th of March, The Hills Talking Set top box no longer manufactured, Apple event scheduled for the 9th of March,  and a look at the top 10 assistive technology related activities for 2014 by Blind Bargains.


CSUN Conference 2015:

As we speak, the CSUN 30th Annual International Technology and Persons with Disabilities Conference is taking place from March 2 until March 7 2015.

This is the major disability conference for the year particularly for people who are blind or low vision and we will be letting you know what items of note come out of the conference.  The following link will take you to a list of exhibitors at the conference.



Hills talking set top box:

The Hills talking set top box is no longer manufactured in Australia leaving consumers without a dedicated set top box.  Will need to start looking at tv sets that have voice guidance such as the Panasonic Viera range of smart TVS.

A review of the Panasonic Viera from Media Access Australia is at the folioing link:


Apple event for March 9 10am (March 10 4am Australia) in the US titled “Spring Forward”:


Everyone is fairly sure that this keynote event will be all about the Apple watch.  You can use the following link to go to the Apple page and listen live when the event is being broadcast or listen to it on the Apple tv.



Blind Bargains top 10 assistive technology related events for 2014:

10. Baum VerioUltra Braille display for flipping ] between  multiple devices, basic note taking applications, and 20 or 40 cells.

http://www.baumusa.com/braille-solutions/varioultra.html .

9. Google improving accessibility to Google docs for Windows and in iOS.  Eg NVDA or Window-Eyes with Firefox using Google docs.

8. iBill for the US currency to tell the denominations of their paper notes.

7. Quick Books accounting package used in the US became accessible.

Note - Cash Manager from New Zealand is also accessible and support is provided for screen readers and screen magnification.

6. Lego Braille printer.

5. iOS 8: how buggy it was and the BT VO keyboard issue.

Top 10 completed in next weeks program.




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