Monday, 23 March 2015

Talking Tech for March 24 2015

In this weeks show:


Releases/updates - iOS 8.2 (with Apple watch companion app), Window-Eyes 9 (March 9.1 update), NVDA 2015.1, Windows 10 preview, iTunes 12.1.1, Netflix available on March 24, Audio Hijack 3 and O S X 10.10.3/iOS 8.3 ongoing beta. testing, Jonathan Mosen’s VoiceOver tutorial on using Amadeus Pro for the Mac, Wrise accessible word processor for the Mac, and Stay Still Squeaky interactive book.


iOS 8.2:


iOS 8.2 was released on March 10 with the Apple watch companion app.  Not many specific VoiceOver fix’s, but a lot to come in iOS 8.3 for VoiceOver users.


Window-Eyes 9:


Window-Eyes 9 is released with a number of major improvements including major improvements to web browsing, Office support, and self restart if speech locks up augments other feature improvements.  No touch screen support as yet.

In March 9.1 was released and amongst other improvements support for Chrome. 


NVDA 2015.1:


NVDA 2015.1 released with improvements in Microsoft Word, Skype, and Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Nv-Access getting funding to support development of NVDA remote.


And funding Remote access: 


Windows 10 for desktop/mobile to be released later this year:


ACB Radio Main Menu carried a recording of the Windows 10 presentation in January in their shows for January 30th (part 1) and Feb 6th (part 2) due to the length of the actual presentation by Microsoft.

You can get to these presentations by scribing to ACB Radio Main Menu in iTunes or from a pod catcher such as DownCast on iOS.


iTunes 12.1.1:


iTunes 12.1.1 released with accessibility improvements for Windows 64 bit systems.




Netflix to be available in Australia from March 24.  you’ll find the channel on your Apple TV, and you can download the Netflix app from the iOs store at:


More about Netflix and how it is to navigate next week.



Os X 10.10.3 currently in beta, and iOS 8.3 currently in beta:


Apple still testing OS X 10.10.3 and iOs 8.3.


Audio Hijack 3:


Audio Hijack 3 released for the Mac and fully accessible with VoiceOver.. 

A demo of Audio Hijack 3 from Jonathan Mosen 


Amadeus Pro VoiceOver tutorial:


Jonathan Mosen’s Amadeus Pro Audio Tutorial is fantastic for those that want to learn how to use this sound editor on the Mac with VoiceOver.. 


Wise accessible word processor for the Mac: 


Stay Still Squeaky interactive iBook for children who are blind:!/id955814086?mt=11

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