Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Talking Tech for Feb 4 2014 - bits and pieces from Twitter this week

Main Fleksy app no longer accessible, use Fleksy VO


As a follow-up to last week, the main Fleksy app is no longer accessible. When you run the main app, it is reassuring to read that it recommends that VoiceOver users use Fleksy VO and that it is a temporary thing whilst accessibility is worked on.


So for the moment, remove the main Fleksy app and replace it with Fleksy VO.  Here is the link in the App Store for Fleksy VO:




Assistive Technology Promoted at the US Super Bowl - from Media Access Australia


Microsoft 60 second ad concerning a person using Eye Tracking software with a Microsoft Surface  Tablet.


Always good to see Assistive Technology promoted.






Sitecues - AI Squared (developer of Zoomtext)


Released code to bee incorporated in to a website to make it easier for low vision users to use magnification and Text to speech to read a website independent of screen magnification software.




Apple TV gets its own Category in the Apple Online Store - from Apple Insider


This article speculates that perhaps the Apple TV is in for a major update with the ability to play games, run iOs apps in general, and have increased TV content.  Previously it was in the iPod category, but now is proudly listed on the same category level as the iPhone, iPad etc.




Is the iPod Finally Dead - from the blog of Kirk McElhearn


In this blog article, Kirk McElHearn writes:

In Apple’s Q1 earnings, iPod sales dropped 52 percent compared to last year,

iPod functionality becoming part of smart phones in general,

iPod shuffle and nano hasn’t been updated since September2012,

Apple still sold 20 million last year, and

May still hang around for a bit longer.




Still using my iPod nano watch band, and enjoyed listening to the Australian cricket season which completed on Sunday.


9 technologies that have faded in to history - from the Sydney Morning Herald


1. The Atari Console.

2. The Dot matrix printer.

3. The floppy disk.

4. The Commodore 64.

5. The PDA.

6. The Palm Pilot.

7. the CD-Rom bundle.

8. Symbian mobile phones.

9. MS-DOS.




Audio link for Talking Tech for Feb 4 2013.



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