Monday, 24 February 2014

Talking Tech for Feb 25 2014


iOS 7.0.6, 6.1.6 and Apple TV 6.0.2 security update released




This security update provides a fix for SSL connection verification.  This is a very serious bug particularly when you are using say a wi-fi connection at your local Macdonald's or coffee shop as it can let someone access what you are doing: i.e. logging in to your bank web site for example.


If you haven’t noticed the update on your iOS device, go in to Settings, General, Software Update and check yourself to do an over the air update.


For users of OS X (Mac) this bug still exists, use Firefox or Google Chrome to make sure your safe for the moment.


A post on Applevis explains it quite well and refers to a good blog article on the bug.


Mobile World Congress 2014 in progress


The Mobile World Congress is underway in Barcelona Spain.


What has caught my attention so far is the Nokia announcement of the Nokia X, X+ and XL using a version of Android which is capable of running most Android apps: yet to see if Talkback etc will work.


Samsun’s announcement of their new Galaxy S5 that has a finger print sensor, and their new gear 2 wearable tech.


The Essential Guide to Window-Eyes from Access Technology Institute

A great training course on those wishing to switch from JAWS For Windows and Window-Eyes For Office.

RIVO (Remote Input for VoiceOver users)


Bluetooth customised keyboard for users of iOS devices specifically for Voiceover navigation/input.

Audio link for Talking Tech for Feb 25 2014

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