Monday, 17 February 2014

Talking Tech for Feb 18th 2014

My favourite science Fiction author: David Weber: released book 7 of the SafeHold series today: Like a Mighty Army


I’ve been waiting for this 7th book in the SafeHold series for quite a while, and now its finally here.


I stuck in the search in iTunes “SafeHold” and got all the books in the series for both iBooks, and audio books.


Basically Humans escape being destroyed from earth by aliens who want to destroy everyone besides themselves.  Get to new world (called SafeHold) after long time in hyper/sleeping.  Whilst new world being established, sleeping colonists having minds wiped (forgetting technology), and Church has control over all aspects of life and anti technology (which sort of made sense to begin with as it meant the the aliens couldn’t find them).  900 years after SafeHold established, main character Merlin appears who is an Avatar of a long dead woman who as an officer in   the old earth Federation, battled against the aliens, and wants to bring back technology and help humanity get back what they have lost before these mad aliens turn up again.


Some times a bit wordy, gets bogged down in places, but an overall good read.


For those that have read the series up to now, here is the link for Like a Mighty Army in the iTunes Store for the iBook:


and the audio book (but be warned its $74) 


It is also supposed to be available on Kindle and audible, but they haven’t appeared in my library yet: perhaps the Australian iTunes Store was operating on Aussie time not US (as of posting, its still the 17th of Feb in the US smile).



Google challenged to stop capture puzzles: from SMH (Sydney Morning Herald)


I’d love to see these nasty audio puzzles go away, I can’t believe anyone actually believes you can hear what the numbers are to authenticate you when logging in to a new service.


FCC in the US grants waver of accessibility rules for eBook Readers - from Digital Life


Looks like another year before eBook readers have to be made accessible. 


RNIB releases Accessible Smart Phone Guide - from Media Access Australia


This is an Excel spreadsheet that you can download and lists quite a few phones plus their accessibility features for Android, Blackberry, iPhone, and Windows Phone.’s-guide-released


12 year old invents low cost lego Braille printer - from CNET


Amazing what you can do as a science project, its open source, and hopefully taken further: well done, and great if picked up by people who can’t afford usually expensive Braille printers.


How to stretch out your battery life on the iPhone - from TUAW (The Unofficial Apple Web blog)


This article lists quite a number of functions you can turn off on your iPhone in Settings to save your battery, and get a little bit more out of it.  The main items they listed were:


Wi-Fi: off.

Bluetooth: off.

Cellular/Cellular Data: off.

Privacy/Location Services: off.

Wallpaper and Brightness/Auto Brightness: off.

General/Background App Refresh: off.

General/Accessibility/Reduce Motion: on.

Sounds/Vibrate on ring: off.

Sounds/Vibrate on silent: off.

Messages/iMessage: off.

Mail, Contacts, Calendars/Fetch New Data/Push: off.


Just remember as the article states, you won’t be able to send receive data, but you can still SMS, answer calls, and access apps that don’t require a data connection.


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