Monday, 10 February 2014

Talking Tech for Feb 11 2014


iTunes radio now available in Australia for iOS, Mac/PC, and Apple TV


You can find this great new feature in the Music app (Radio tab) on iOS, in iTunes Music/Radio tab on Mac/PC, and in iTunes Radio from the main menu on the Apple TV.


Listen to preset or customise your own music.

Add songs to your wish list or check your listening history to purchase songs: wish list available on all devices via iCloud.

Edit, delete, like or dislike songs.

Use Siri to control iTunes Radio.

For iTunes Match subscribers, you will not get any ads.

Requires iOS 7 or later, oS X 10.7 or later, , Apple tV 2nd or 3rd generation, and  Windows XP or later.


The new Victor Reader Stream update V4.3 - new online services


Main features:


Access to 36 thousand radio stations: search by Ootunes or use the Humanware default playlist from around the world including Australia).

NFB-Newsline (not available in Australia) for accessing newspapers.

Bookshare: browse and download books from Bookshare.

Wikipedia and Wiktionary:  reads articles from Wikipedia, and get meaning of words from Wiktionary.

Humanware Newsletter about the 4.3 update:

Demo of the 4.3 update from Humanware itself:

Listening to ACB Radio Main Stream from the Victor Reader Stream:

Even though these instructions are for ACB Radio Main Stream, you can use the same ins ructions to access Vision Australia Radio in the English Australia radio playlist as well.


How to stop the Apple TV remote effecting the Mac:


This drove my son crazy when his brother was navigating the Apple TV with the Apple TV remote which kept turning the volume up and down on the Macbook pro my son was using trying to play his games etc.


Now over the weekend, I finally found out how to stop the Macbook pro responding to the Apple TV remote.


Go in to System preferences, Security and Privacy, unlock settings for admin access, choose the General tab and select Advanced.  In this window you will find the Disable Remote checkbox which will stop the Mac reacting to the Apple TV remote.


Easy when you know where to look (smile).


This is the Youtube link I found which gave me this info.


Access World  February 2014


Story that caught my a tension was an evaluation of the Microsoft Surface Pro 2 with Narrator.


Audio link for Talking Tech for Feb 11 2014

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