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Talking Tech for Jan 28 2014

iSee on Apple Hot News page in Australia


Well besides making it in to What Is Hot in the iTunes Store the other week, my book iSee (Getting Started with Apple products from a Blind Perspective) made it in to the Hot News list on the Australian Apple website.


Dates for Vision Australia Texpo 2014 confirmed


Dates for the annual Vision Australia technology exhibition have been announced, on a Friday and Saturday as before.


Melbourne: 29 and 30 August.

Sydney: 5 and 6 September.

Brisbane: 12 and 13 September.


Planning to commence in March.


Assistive Technology Industry Association (ATIA) Conference 2014 Florida Jan 29 to feb 1 - Session Review (choose the list all button)


Always think it is interesting to see what type of sessions are taking place at these international conferences in the area of Assistive Technology.


CSUN Conference 2014 San Diego California March 17 to 22 Session Review


The 29th Annual International Technology and Persons  with Disability Conference to be held in San Diego California from March 17 to 22 has also released their session review list.


As with the ATIA Conference, great to see what sessions are available covering the area of Assistive Technology.


30 years Mac from Macworld


Over the week end, the Mac celebrated 30 years.


Whilst my first Apple computer was an Apple IIE, in 1984 (and not a Mac), I have had a number of Macs over the years including a Mac se  and a LC 575 (all in one) in the 90’s, and then after 2005, a Mac mini, iMac, Macbook pro and a Macbook air (the last 3 of which I still have today).



Here is the official page from Apple concerning 30 years of the Mac.


This is an interesting article from Macworld: Apple Executive on the Mac at 30 - The Mac Keeps Going ForEver by Jason Snell.


Apple's Q1 Quarterly Results


Major numbers are 51M iPhones sold, 26M iPads, 4.8M Macs, and 63% of Apple’s revenue international.


Why Fleksy VO


Recently the developers of Fleksy (pattern recognition typing app for iOS) released a separate copy of their app for users of VoiceOver on iOS.


It seems that there are two schools of thought whether having a separate app for VoiceOver users is a good idea or not.  On the one hand, the app will get specific development for VoiceOver.  On the other hand, this version may be left behind as the “real” app keeps on being developed.


The following link is from the Fleksy developer blog outlining their position.


Accessibility on my Phone - Windows Phone How to


This How To page from Microsoft goes through a number of options in getting the best accessibility experience out of Windows Phone covering:

Text size,


Screen magnifier,

To turn on Mobile Accessibility, and

More options with speech.


25 most Popular used passwords from TechnoBuffalo


This article goes through the top 25 popular passwords used in 2013.  Some of the passwords identified included:







I’ll leave you to read the whole list.


Audio link for Talking Tech 28 Jan 2014:

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