Thursday, 3 March 2016

Talking TEch for March 1 2016

Podcast Chapters 


A great Mac app for producing chapter based podcasts. 

There is No Such Thing as a Normal Human


A very interesting article on how Microsoft is looking at moving forward with universal access and design.


How to Find Audio Described Movies in the iTunes Store


More Audio Described movies coming online in the iTunes Store.


Siri Beat Google Now in a Show Down


The take away from this article was that more iOs users actually use Siri than Android users use Google Now.


Over 30 Reasons that Distinguish’s Apple from the Rest of the Tech Crowd


Here are are some of the points:


1. Siri.

2. Camera: take photos face identified, iTunes gift cards, and Face Time, 3rd party apps.

4. Use of BT keyboards across devices for screen navigation and keyboard input.

5. voice dictation across devices.

6. Turn accessibility of easily across devices.

7. Audio described movies access across all devices.

8. Read iBooks on OS X or iOS.

9. Spell check monitoring in OS X and iOS. 

10. Turn a doc on OS X in to a text audio file.

11. For screen reader users various input methods: voice, BT keyboard, hand writing mode, hard Braille input, on screen Braille input, and on-screen standard keyboard.

12. Apple watch still only fully accessible smart stream watch.

13. Connected Home hardware accessible via accessible apps.


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