Sunday, 6 March 2016

Jabra Storm Bluetooth Headset review notes

My Notes on the Jabra Storm Bluetooth Headset


In The Box: 

Sabra Storm Bluetooth Headset

Micro USB cable

Extra ear bud and wind sock

Getting Started Guide


Main features: 

9 hours of Talk Time

2 hours battery charge

Bluetooth and NFC pairing

Pair up to 8 Bluetooth devices, 2 activate at same time (only one activate at a time talking)

Win resistant (if to noisy, put on wind sock).

Ware on either ear

Very light and comfortable to use

Jabra  Assist app for tracking headset, BT pairing tips and battery status (battery status seems not to be accessible)


Physical description: 

Arm with Mic and Answer/End button on end

Curved tight letter C to form body of headset that goes around ear

Most controls positioned towards end of boom and on to curved C

Answer/end button

On/off switch

Volume down/up

Micro UsB connector with protective flap

rotate ear piece to put in either ear


Voiced prompts: 


Battery low Redialling 



To connect your headset, go to the Bluetooth menu on your phone and select it from the list 



When first used, is in paring mode,

Hold down Answer/End button for 3 second s pair



Switch side switch up to turn on headset or down to turn off headset

Press Answer/End to hear Connected

Press Answer/End to answer an incoming call or say yes or No

Press Answer/End twice to reject an 

incoming call or say No

Press Answer/End twice to redial last call

Press Answer/End for 1 second to activate Siri

Press Answer/End for 3 seconds to put in pairing mode

Press Answer/End plus Volume Down to turn off low battery warning

Press volume down or up to adjust volume

Press volume Up/Down at same time to mute

Headset is capable of answering multiple calls and putting calls on hold


Points to consider: 

low battery warning starts at 50 percent and announces every 10 minutes if not turned off

Turning off voiced low battery warning sometimes doesn’t seem too work

No charging voiced indication



light weight

Comfortable to ware

Can use in either ear

Have to active devices at the same time

9 hours talk time does last all day

voice prompts

Reasonably good volume

Clear when on phone call




I’m mainly using the headset to use my work Windows phone and my personal iPhone so I can simply answer either phone when it rings.


I’ve also  used the headset with my Apple watch and iPhone.


Online manual for Jabra Storm Bluetooth Headset:


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