Monday, 21 March 2016

Talking TEch for March 22 2016

CSUN Conference 2016


On this week from March 21 to 26 in the US, will bring you highlights and resources next week. 


Braille: a blind spot in the main Stream Technology industry


Great article, whilst other consumer tech costs have gone down, Braille displays have remained at a high cost.  Let’s see if anything comes up at the CSUN conference!!! 

For Netflix Subscribers


Marvel’s Daredevil Season 2 is now available with audio description.


I really enjoyed season 1, and season 2 is just as a good.



A New Podcasts from Me


A preview of my Connected Home 


Audible App Has Two Handy New Features


You can now share a clip from your favourite Audible book, and if you are using Apple Maps, you can get Audible app to stop playing whilst maps is talking. 


Apple Keynote: March 21 (22 in Australia) 2016


Was streamed on the Apple tv, Safari on iOS/Mac or via Microsoft Edge on Windows 10.


Its also available as a downloadable podcast: Apple Keynotes: to listen to in your favourite pod catcher.




Apple 40 years old in April.

Over 1 billion devices.

Comments on the FBI privacy issue.


Protecting the Environment:

All the different ways that Apple is protecting the environment - solar power, packaging, recycling old iPhones  etc.



Medical research. via Research Kit. Announcing Care Kit to inform Carers  in different situations available in April.


Apple watch:

New woven nylon band in different colours, space black milanese loop, new sports and leather bands.

Nylon woven band: $79

Drop price of apple watch to 38mm $429 and 42mm $499 au.


Apple tv 4 generation 9.2 update:

Discussing apps on the 4th generation tv - tv os 9.2 update  Siri, folders, dictation (including user names and passwords): tv os update available today.


iPhone Se:

Replace the iPhone 5s (now gone), 4 inch, similar to the iPhone 6s, a9 m9 (hey Siri), 12mps camera, touch id, Apple pay.

Cost: $679 16gb and 64gb $829, orders from this week, and shipping the following week.


iOS 9.3 available today - overview including Night Shift, Notes (password/finger print protection), Health app suggestions, News app updated, Car Play, education apps for iPad.


iPad pro 9.7 inch:

iPad pro with a 9.7 inch screen, 4 speakers, Hey Siri support, smart keyboard, Apple pencil, lightening usb adapter to support ethanet/microphones etc, 12mps camera.

Cost: 32gb $899, $128gb $1149, and 256gb $1399 au, orders begin this week an shipping next week.

iPad pro 12.9 inch also gets the 256gb upgrade: $1749. 


Apple also released an update to Apple watch 2.2 to support multiple Apple watch’s on one iPhone which is great for me, and they also released OS x 10.11.4 with secure Notes support as well.


Posted demos on 9.3:


If you go to my podcast site, you can pick up 5 demos in respect to iOS 9.3: Night Shift, 3d touch on default apps, Notes password or touch id protection, offline voice dictation, and 4 finger flick left or right app switching.

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