Monday, 22 February 2016

Talking Tech for Feb 23 2016

The AT Helpdesk going well


Just a quick note to say that the extra 10 staff on the AT Helpdesk at Vision Australia is going well.

Still accessed via 1300 847 466 or


AC Adapter Exchange from Apple


Just a note about the aC Adapter  exchange program: it’s the round duck bill adapters that are the issue, if you have the oval shaped duck bill adapters on your iOS or Mac chargers then you don’t need to worry.


Audio description Search in the iTunes Store now works


The search for Audio Description in the iTunes Store is now working correctly.


My Continuing Adventure in to the Connected Home


I’ve added another product to my Connected Home adventure besides my Netatmo Urban Weather Station, WeMo Switch/Link Light System, and my AirPlay Speakers: that is my new Ring Video Doorbell.  Read about my experience so far in setting it up and using it at: 


AccessWorld for Feb 2016


Articles that caught my attention:

Tech that assists people throughout the day,

Home Appliance Access, and

Deaf Blind Access strategies and Technology.


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