Monday, 8 September 2014

Talking Tech for September 9 2014

How To Pause Music Or Podcasts on the iPhone Without Touching The Screen


This is a very simple tip but sometimes forgotten, if you have your head phones plugged in to your iOS device or an audio cable going to your car stereo, just pulling out the cable will stop your music or podcast playing.


How To Get Your iPhone Or iPad Ready for iOS 8


These tips are quite good if you are thinking of updating to iOS 8: check your device compatibility, free up some storage space (usually updates require at least 3GB of space free), check for current OS or app updates and update, backup your device, and particularly if you have an iPhones 4s or iPad 2, hold off for a few weeks to see how other folks are going running iOS 8.


Majority Of Time Taken Up on Digital Apps On Mobile


At least from my experience, I spend a lot more time using the apps on my iPhone, than I do using the desktop.


The Everyday Tasks That Your Phone Does Better Than Your Computer


I agree with this article and certainly use my iPhone for all of them: checking email, banking, reminders, searching google, and reading through your news feeds.


A Guide To Using Twitter:


This is an excellent article on introducing new users to Twitter and explains a lot of the functionality in simple terms.


30 Days With Android


Marco blogs his experience of using Android for 30 days, lasting 18 days with some interesting observations.


Accessibility Head to Head - Apple Verses Android


A neutral discussion of Apple verses android in respect to blind or low vision usage.


Are Smart Phone Users Loosing Their Appetite for New Apps


This article mainly points out that most people are satisfied with the apps they have, and see know need to change/purchase another app that does the same thing.

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