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Talking Tech for September 30 2014

Using Home Plus Power or just Power on your IOS device


Last episode I mentioned that if an app got stuck on your iOS device (iPhone, iPod touch or iPad) you could use Home plus Power to reboot your device.  Whilst this does work, it really should only be used as a last ditch method as it is much lie cold booting your computer.  


Adam Morris who runs the iOS Mailing List from Australia, reminded me that it is probably safer in the long run to try and Power off your iOS device from the Power button and turn it back on again first.  If this fails, try the Home plus Power button combination. 

World Site Day and Eye Health Heroes


Vision 2020 Australia is hosting a number of events surrounding World Site Day coming up on the 9th of October including a Talk at the National Press Club on the 8th of October, and a dinner at parliament house Canberra 30th of September to celebrate Eye Health Heroes in the research and prevention of blindness but also for those who support people who are blind or vision impaired in the community.


I will be attending the parliamentary dinner as a hero representing Vision Australia sharing our positive stories in relation to gaining access to technology and information.


For more information, go to:


Talking Tech is now on iTunes:


You can now subscribe to Talking Tech via iTunes at: 


Talking Vision also Available from iTunes


Another popular program from Vision Australia is also available from iTunes: Talking Vision: 


Just Under Two Weeks for Vision Australia Texpo in Melbourne (Kooyong)


A reminder that Vision Australia Texpo is coming up on the 10th and 11th of October to be held at Vision Australia Kooyong from 10-4 Friday and 10-3 Saturday.


This will be followed by Vision Australia Texpo Sydney the following week on the 17th and 18th of October.


More information to be had at:


Learning to Touch Type: an Online Downloadable Resource from Vision Australia


These set of 23 mp3 files are available for anyone to download who wish’s to learn how to touch type.  Rather than having to get access to a typing training program, just download and listen to these MP3 files.


These mp3 files are located at:!-technology-podcasts-and-resources/computer-access


JAWS 16 Beta


The public beta version of JAWS 16 has been available for a few weeks.


Some of the new features include:

Command Search,

JAWS Standard changing to JAWS Home Addition which will now work on both Windows Home and Professional,

Semi Auto Forms Mode,

Convenient OCR for PDF documents,

improved performance for Microsoft Word 2013,

Enhanced  language support in voice profiles,

JAWS discontinues support for Windows XP (only Vista and above support),

Windows 8.1 Reading List app support,

Windows 8.1 People app support,

New touch screen gesture for unloading JAWS, and

Improve JAWS recovery.


To get more info and to listen to FSCast go through the new features in JAWS 16, go to:

Other Screen reading Options for Windows


Window-Eyes For Office


If you have Microsoft Office 2010 or 2013 installed, you can get a free copy of Window-Eyes, rather than having to pay full price:


NVDA (Non Visual Desktop Access) is also Available to Windows Users


NVDA is a free (donations welcome) screen reader for Windows which can be installed on a PC or on a UsB stick.


For more information or to download a copy of NVDA, go to: 

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