Thursday, 8 May 2014

Talking Tech for May 6th 2014

Hills Set Top Box 


I am still trying to confirm whether the box is still available from Hills itself, but at this time of posting, Vision Australia is not showing them as a stock item on our online store.


Note - a check with Hills on Wednesday confirmed they are still selling the box, VA to decide how many to have in stock at a time.



GWMicro and AI Squared Merge - from the AFB Blog


This will be interesting to see where this leads.  Freedom Scientific this this quite a long time ago with the integration of 3 company’s.  AI Squared will be the main company.


Find My iPhone and other Like GPS Tracking Apps - from New York Times


This is a bit of a timely warning, if your phone is stolen and you know where it is via Find My iPhone, probably not a good idea to try and go and grab it yourself: depending on where it is.


Mac App to Replace Read4Me (text to audio): Babble


For quite a while I had been using Read4Me to produce Text To Audio files, rather than using Add To iTunes As a Spoken Track as I found the whole process a bit faster.  When Mavericks arrived on the scene, Read4Me stopped working so I was without a solution up until now with the Babble App for Mac.  Works in a similar way to Read4Me with the ability of changing voice rate and voice type: sends output to an AIFF file.


Another Twitter Application for Windows: TW Blue


I haven’t tried this one yet.  Will give Windows users and accessible Twitter client.  st a warning, this application is still in alpha so some instability may be experienced.


Keep in mind there is still the other client for Windows: Chicken Nugget.  Both links follow.


TW Blue


Chicken Nugget


Telstra Testing Google Glass Apps for people who are blind or deaf: from Media Access Australia


This sounds very very cool: bar code reading for someone who is blind, but very exciting; translation of someone talking in to text for a person  who is deaf.


A Touch of Light (Adaptive Photography)


This multi-touch book as Apple calls it (or eBook for everyone else - smile) is a book available on the iBooks Store in iOS for blind or low vision photographers.  Can only be read on an iPad or on the Mac with iBooks.

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