Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Talking Tech for April 29th 2014

0Day bug found in All Versions of Internet Explorer: From GiZmodo


This bug effects 26 percent of the web (IE users), Windows XP users will not be covered, and analysts suggest if concerned switch browsers such as Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari.





AudioBoo demo of Windows 8.1 Developer preview of Narrator Screen Reader working on a Nokia Phone


Sounds pretty good.  VA will be getting a phone to evaluate.  One thing we have learnt is that you can web browse with Narrator.




iOS 7.1.1 Now Available (Fixing VO BT KB Major Bug) - From TUAWB


Amongst other updates, this 7.1.1 release now means that VoiceOver users can again use their Bluetooth keyboards with VoiceOver to edit documents etc.




Now You Can Get OS X Mavericks Beta AS Well - 


Great that everyone can now join in the Apple Seed testing program for Mac OS X Mavericks: just remember this is a beta program and not to be used on production machines as you may loose data etc.


Apple OS X Seed Testing page:




About the OS X Mavericks Seed Testing Program - From iMore




Apple’s Q2 Earning Results - From Apple Hot News


Apple sold in Q2 44M iPhones, 16M iPads, and 4M Macs.  Made 1 billion dollars revenue in 2013 from the Apple TV.




Should Apple Ditch the iPod - From Cult Of Mac


As this article states, once the iPhone came out in 2007 which included an iPod (music) player, it really did mark the beginning of the drop in iPod sales.  Be interesting to see when and if Apple’s wearable device comes out, that the iPod’s may cease to exist as they now have not been updated for 2 years.




The Little Hobby That Wouldn’t Die: The Apple TV - From Mashable




Zoomtext for Mac


Just a reminder that Zoomtext for Mac has 3 inbuilt speech features now besides that of screen magnification: speak controls on the screen, speak items under the mouse, and the speak web tool.




7128 Software 25 top Game Sites for Blind Gamers


This is a great resource to find the top25 game related websites for blind and low vision users for Mac, iOS, and Windows.




Avoid Quick Format of USB drives to Stop  File recovery - From Life Hacker


Just a way of avoiding people recovering your files from a supposed formatted USB key.



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