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Talking Tech for May 27 2014¬

Some Podcasts from Vision Australia to Add to your Podcast Catcher (such as iTunes etc)


As promised last week, here are a few podcasts for you to download or stream from Vision Australia. I have also put in the link for  Talking Tech as well.  Most of the podcast names are self explanatory, but Hear This is the podcast from the Vision Australia Library, and Talking Vision is a podcast on news and interviews in relation to the blind or low vision community.





Hear This


Talking Tech


Talking Vision

Luis Perez Presentation's at Vision Australia Sydney and Brisbane May 2014

More than 100 people who are blind or have low vision gathered in Sydney (Enfield) and Brisbane (Coorparoo) to hear from Luis Perez, an American educator, author, presenter and inclusive learning consultant with a passion for accessibility and universal design.


Use the following links to listen to either presentation.






The OwnFone Braille


Produced by 3d printing technology, can have from 2 to 4 Braille buttons which will call preset numbers set by the purchaser when the phone is made, can have colours and pictures on the phone, and currently is available in the UK for $60 but company looking at expanding internationally.


In Australia, the OwnFone is currently sold for seniors and children strting from $70 with either a pre-paid or paid plan.  On the Australian website, it is noted that the Braille button based phone will be coming soon.


The first following link is to the Australian website for the Seniors or children’s phone, and the 2nd link is an article about the Braille addition of the OwnFone.


 yThese bone conduction head phones have been previously available in a wired version, and now the 2nd version of the Bluetooth model.


I think the bottom line to this review, is that given the cost of the ear phones, it is a good idea to try them out first, and there are some quirky issues with VoiceOver and Siri with the audio.


Hands On with LG’s Heart Rate monitor Ear Phones - From TechHive


These ear phones sound interesting, besides the thing you stick in your ear and wrap a wire around your ear.  Can monitor on a smart phone, but I have know idea if the app is accessible for blind or low vision folks.


BEM Wireless Speaker Band - From TUAWB


This is a Bluetooth wireless speaker which like the name suggests, is on a band that you can ware on your wrist.


If features a speaker beneath a grill, talking caller ID,  Play/Pause, Answer, inbuilt microphone to connect to your phone/use Siri, 6 hours battery life recharged by a micro UsB port, and 6 band colours.


Oh and yes, I’ve actually ordered one, and will do an audio demo on it as soon as it arrives.


Does the Digital Age spell the End of Braille - From The Independent


I actually think not, perhaps Braille hard copy books may decrease, but electronic Braille will still be around: still important for education and literacy.


Incorrect Posture and Tech Use can lead to Injury - From Mashable


Posture at your desk is important when using your computer.  Hand and thumb injures due to texting can occur with smaller phone screens.  Repated button pressing on non touch screens can lead to damage in the tips of our fingers according to a source sighted in this article..


49 Million Tons of Electronic  Waste Generated in 2012 - From Mashable


This just goes to show you how much stuff we actually throw away and appreciate manufacturers like Apple wwhwho actually have a recycling program.

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