Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Talking Tech for May 13 2014

Revisiting the Hills Set Top Box Story from Last week/post


No problem, Hills still manufacturing, Vision Australia working on stock to get in.


My Experience with the RIVO (Remote Input to VoiceOver) custom Bluetooth Keyboard


Never thought I would want another Bluetooth style keyboard, but because the RIVO keyboard is so VoiceOver specific, it fits in well with the rest of my keyboards.


Find it particularly useful when I am on the treadmill and I can use single button press’s to perform multiple finger gestures.  Only exception to this so far is the command to start/stop music and to answer/hang up a call, but can’t have everything (smile).




Fleksy is Back with Their Main App being Accessible


People might remember that a few months ago the developers of the Fleksy app made a separate accessible app: Fleksy VO: the point being that the main Fleksy app was no longer accessible.  A couple of weeks ago, they made their main app accessible again.




AccessWorld for May 2014


Amongst the articles in this issue: evaluating the accessibility of Microsoft Office for the iPad and an article on My Fitness Pal.


The Word app in particular is quite disappointing.


I use the FitBit app on my iPhone which is similar to the Fitness Pal, still find I am exercising a lot more.




Global  Access Day May 15 2014


It is Global Access day on May 15 where we can celebrate digital accessibility, here is a link to take you to a site where you can get more information.




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