Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Talking Tech for April 15 2014

Just some Notes on my Fitbit Flex I Purchased Last week


You ware this light wait fit tracker on your wrist inside a rubber watch style wrist band on your wrist.  Water proof up to 10 metres, so you can ware it in the shower.  Has lights on the Fitbit Flex itself, but the tracker can be completely controlled by the Fitbit iOS app.


Besides tracking steps, distance walked, activity time, calories burned, food intake, sleeping pattern, and goals, the Fitbit also has silent vibrating alarms (up to 8) that you can use to notify or remind you such as waking up as to not disturb your partner.


I’ve used step tracking apps on my iPhone before, but this is just fun, particularly if you are in friendly competition with others via the Fitbit community.


Completely VoiceOver compatible including setup. I found the website mainly accessible, just very busy with lots of content.


The Fitbit website is:




I purchased my actual Fitbit Flex via the Apple Online Store for $129.




Link to the App on the App Store is:




Apps for All Challenge 2014 - ACCAN and The Australian Human Rights Commission Competition


Vote on your most Accessible Australian App for Android, Apple or Windows to honour developers and to encourage the ongoing development of apps for the widest possible audience by Monday July 14 2014.  Top 3 apps across a number of categories will be announced at the ACCAN National Conference in September 2014.


I can think of a number of apps already myself such as: the ABC Radio app, TripView Sydney, and the Emergency app.

Email: appsforall@accan.org.au or

Phone:  02 9288 4000 / TTY 02 9281 5322




Windows Phone 8.1 to Have Narrator according to Paul Thurrott - Super Site for Windows


Narrator amongst other accessibility improvements is mentioned in this review, here is hoping it really works: currently 8.1 is for developers.




HeartBleed Security Web Floor - from Gigaom


Just mentioning it here, for more information use the following link:




And some more info debugging in 7 myths:




How to Clean  Your Laptop - from CNET


Every now and again we should really clean our laptops, here are a few tips.




AccessWorld for April 2014


 Two main story’s that caught my attention: Highlights from CSUN 2014 Exhibit hall, and AccessWorld Technology Summit RoundUp from the AFB Leadership  Conference 2014. 



Audio link for Talking Tech for April 15 2014:



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