Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Talking Tech for April 1 2014


3 More Audio demos from CSUN 2014

Good Grief - an over priced PC based OCR computer/reading machine - audio demo from Blind Bargains CSUN 2014

Hopefully there was a mis-communication with the developers of this device, I’m wondering if they really meant 1500 dollars rather than 15000 dollars: certainly not worth 15000 dollars.


Use of iBeacons from Accessible Help - Blind Bargains demo CSUN 2014

The use of iBeacons has the potential to make indoor navigation a real reality.


Accessible Help web Site:


AI Squared Talks Zoomtext for Mac - Blind Bargains Audio CSUN 2014



Apple Patents Touch Graphics User Interface for Vision Impaired - from Cult Of Mac

This patent was lodged in September 2009 and has now been ratified by the Patent’s office in the US.  It will be interesting to see what type of implications this has for other touch screen systems that have copied Apple’s touch screen interface for vision impaired users, such as Android.


ABC Asking for Feedback on Various Iterations of iView - from Media Access Australia


Top 5 Categories Dealt with on the AT Help Desk at Vision Australia

1. iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.

2. JAWS queries.

3. General assistive technology.

4. General Windows queries.

5. General Internet queries

Lately the Mac has been sneaking in to the top 5 queries as well.


Audio Link to Talking Tech for April 1st 2014



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