Sunday, 14 February 2016

Talking Tech for Feb 16 2016

Changes to the Vision Australia Help Desk


An exciting update to one of Vision Australia’s long running services.


It gives us great pleasure to announce that one of Vision Australia’s longest running and much used services for our customers is about to very quickly get an update.


From February 15th the Vision Australia Adaptive Technology Helpdesk Service,  which is currently supported by three staff (two in Victoria and one in NSW), will expand by another ten staff on a roster basis, drawn from our Technology Services staff across Vic, ACT, and NSW.


You will still be able to contact the Vision Australia Adaptive Technology Helpdesk in the same way: by phone (1300 847 466) or by e-mail (  However, having another ten staff assist with the Helpdesk will ensure we have more resources to assist with your query.


The three core Helpdesk staff will continue to support the running of the Helpdesk, however the expansion will allow these specialists to work on other projects to further benefit our customers. 


The additional staff are looking forward to the challenge of answering the vast range of queries that come to the Helpdesk. The staff's wide range of knowledge and experience will benefit people who contact the Helpdesk, and vice versa, their Helpdesk experience will in turn benefit customers that the technology service staff will assist outside of the direct Helpdesk function.


We look forward to continuing and expanding the quality of the Vision Australia Adaptive Technology Helpdesk service for you and would like to hear about your experience with our updated service. If you have any queries about the Helpdesk, please feel free to email the Helpdesk on the usual email:, and we will be pleased to answer any queries or concerns you may have.


From your Adaptive Technology Helpdesk Team


Podcasts from Me over the Dec 2015/January 2016 Period


I have been quite busy in January, here are the podcasts so far this year with many more to come on a wider range of hardware and software.


Demo of the TimeBuzz Apple watch app: 

Demo of my first try out of an Apple watch case: 

Demo of All of the 3rd Party Apps That i Use on my Apple Watch: 

Demo of the Audible app on the iPhone: 

Demo of How I Use 3d Touch on my iPhone 6s: 

Demo of the iPad pro, Smart Keyboard, and Apple Pencil: 

Demo of the Podcasts app on the Apple tv 4th generation: 

Demo of using the Mac Twitter client: 

Demo of the Apple Smart Battery Case: 

Demo of the two Beats Pill Speakers being used together: 

An Interesting gadget -  Kapture Audio Recording Wrist Band Device for Last 60 Seconds


Records continuously the last 60 seconds, and enables it to be saved to a smart phone with a double slap on the device on your wrist.


The iOs/Android app (iOS app is accessible, not sure about the Android version) can be used independently of the wrist band, and offers the same feature as saving the last 60 seconds by using the Stop Record button on the screen to save the recording of the last 60 seconds: works quite well.

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