Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Talking Tech for June 9 and 2 2015

Just catching up with Talking Tech for the last two weeks, Google changed some options and MarsEdit which I use to do these blog posts didn’t work, and it has taken me a bit more time than expected to get back to updating the blog after Marsedit was fixed: hence blogs posts for Talking Tech for June 2 and 9 2015.


Talking Tech for June 9 2015 


Busting the myths about technology and children:



Audio Rally racing game


A new game for Mac or PC users.



Life line Text Adventure game with a twist


Couldn’t help put this one in, a new twist on playing a text adventure on iOs and the Apple watch.





Apple watch working with Halo hearing aids




iPhone lightening Dock now available for iPhone




New book from Jonathan Mosen on the Apple tv.




Apple tv catch up concerning more channels


Along with Netflix on the Apple tv, we now have the other streaming service available in Australia: stan.


Talking Tech June 2015


Apple watch OS 1.01 update is out squashing a number of VoiceOver bugs


Apple watch update 1.01 came out in mid may, but this has been the first chance to update it during Talking Tech.


1. Can delete Mail and Messages via the 1 finger flick up or down action gesture,

2. Clearing all notifications doesn’t lock out VoiceOver users any more.

3. VoiceOver no longer getting stuck after accessing last glance.

4. Improvements under the hood for better VoiceOver accessibility with 3rd party apps.


Vision Australia trialling remote training


Vision Australia has almost completed a trial of remote training for a selected group of clients.  This pilot will allow Vision Australia to move forward in the future in providing remote training to clients in both desktop and mobile systems.


Deaf/blind phone being trialled   in Australia and the US



Talkback 4.2 for Android released



AccessWorld for May 2015



Victor stream now does I-Access from Vision Australia



Keysoft v9.5 released for Braillenote and Voicenote




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