Monday, 22 June 2015

Talking Tech for June 23 2015

Smart oven uses food recognition to cook the perfect meal every time


Just seemed a nifty way of cooking food, not yet available. 


New USB C dock will allow you to connect up to 11 devices


With more and more laptops having USB C ports and not much else, such a USB C hub may come inhandy: the new Macbook comes to mind. 


Converting an older home in to a smart home


Just like to keep track of  different ways of setting up a smart home. 

Google launch’s website to address concerns about self driving cars


This is a great way to keep track of what is happening with self driving cars from Google. 


Getting it all done with Zoomtext Mac and CamReader


Another OCR/Video magnifier on the market, this time  extending the  functionality of Zoomtext for Mac.

Here is the actual page on the AI Squared website: 


Voice Mail


New: Voice Dream mail (from the developer of Voice Dream reader and writer).  Using gestures with speech feedback to read your mail.

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