Monday, 29 June 2015

Talking Tech for June 30 2015

Before getting on to the story’s for this week

Two points I’d like to make.


The last week end in June 6 years ago I did my first audio demo on the accessible iPhone 3gs with VoiceOver.  It also means I have now been podcasting for 6 years as well.


Secondly, Apple music will launch on June 30.  I thought I’d give it  a week to be out in the wild so to speak before talking about it in next weeks program.


Vision Australia Texpo 2015


Time again to announce the dates and locations for Vision Australia technology exhibition where you will see a range of technologies on display, workshops, and the chance to chat with suppliers.


Newcastle NSW: Friday 9th and Saturday 10th October, and

Coorparoo QLD: Friday 16th and Saturday 17th October. 


donate your old smart phones to assist people who are deaf blind up to July 31 2015


If you have any smart phones laying around, please donate them to Able Australia to support people who are deaf blind who use such smart phone technology to communicate via refreshable Braille displays. 


a device that helps the blind navigate by tingling their tongues


Use your tongue with this device to detect objects/shapes, movement, and distance.  Based on a pair of camera mounted glass’s, the person who is blind via a set of electrodes, in a mouth pice will sense what is going on in front of them via their tongue by bubble   sensations.  Has received approval in Canada, United States, and other places. 


A quick review of the TCL Pulse vibrating alarm from the blog of Jonathan Mosen


Just seemed like a great device, particularly for folks with hearing issues as this device does vibrating alarms and timer, available from Amazon. 


Apple highlights apps on the Apps Store that work well with voiceOver on iOs from iMore


Great to see Apple celebrating and highlighting apps that truly work well with VoiceOver on the iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. 


Amazon is now sharing its voice recognition technology (Alexa)with developers


This sounds interesting.  Alexa is currently in the Amazon Echo voice recognition assistant speaker.  Unfortunately, the actual speaker doesn’t seem to be yet available in Australia.  However, having Amazon expand its technology to other manufacturers will result in (hopefully) a range of accessible voice recognition technologies.

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