Monday, 13 January 2014

Talking Tech for 14TH 2014 - What I got for Christmas 2013

iPod nano watch band


Turned my iPod nano on to a watch: particularly useful when listening to the cricket as the iPod nano has an FM radio.  Purchased watch band from eBay, particularly as iPod nano no longer sold.


Amazon Kindle Fire HDX (7 inch)


Accessible tablet from Amazon: allow the reading of Kindle books with touch gestures: speech and large print: allows other Android type apps to be accessed.


A great start on accessibility, could be improved, great for some folks, iPad still top of the hill for overall accessibility.


Launch of my book: iSee: All you need to know to getting started with Apple products from a blind perspective.


My first go at using iBooks Author to create a multi-touch book, readable on iPad or Mac, still some VoiceOver issues with iPad mini VoiceOver reading: but all part of the accessibility journey in creating a book, rather than just reading one (smile).


Since it was  in iTunes, downloaded 225times: free.




Introduction: what is in this book, and my trip through time with adaptive technology,

Apple’s accessible product line: iPod shuffle, iPod nano, Apple TV, iOS, and Mac,

Accessibility Mac overview,

Getting started with your Mac using VoiceOver,

Mac/VoiceOver keyboard commands and gestures,

Shared builtin Mac and iOS apps,

My favourite Mac App store apps,

My favourite 3RD party Mac apps,

Getting started with your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad using VoiceOver,

iOS/VoiceOver Bluetooth keyboard commands and gestures,

What iOS device is best?,

My favourite iOS apps,

Hardware bits and pieces that I have found useful,

Switching from Microsoft Windows to OS X,


Bringing it all together: my family and Apple.


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