Friday, 19 July 2013

Wireless audio streaming around your house

I decided in the last week or so to re-install Airfoil from


on my Mac.


Airfoil allows you to stream audio from your Mac (such as iTunes, ReadHear etc) to multiple Airplay devices on the same wifi network.  You can select various audio application sources, control which speaker is on/off (including the Mac itself), and control each speakers volume.


In addition, if you install


from the iOS store on to your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad/iPad mini, the speakers app, turns the iOS device in to another Airplay device.


In my current setup, I can now stream audio to:

My Apple TV


AQAudio smart speaker


iPad mini


With the addition of the Airfoil remote app from the iOS app store


On my iPod touch


I can control all the Airplay speakers that Airfoil on the Mac is accessing without having to go back to the Mac/the Airfoil application itself.


Now I have pretty much audio streaming capability throughout the house or when outside, I just run the Airfoil speaker app on my iPhone which is in my pocket most of the time.


You certainly don't need any "real" Airplay devices if you want to stream audio around your house.  If you have a few old iOS devices, just install the Remote Speaker app on them, join them to your wifi network, install Airfoil on the Mac (or PC), deploy the iOS/Airplay speakers throughout your house, and stream to your hearts content.


Really does work, and its not that expensive, particularly if you have a few iOS devices laying around.

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