Monday, 15 July 2013

Talking Tech for July 16 2013

Just two Apple jokes which are sort of funny


A person farts in an Apple Store, customers are outraged as it stinks the whole store, person just says "It's not my fault there are no Windows".


If you thought that one was bad, this next one is probably worse.


Why did the Storm Trooper grab an iPhone? because he couldn't find a suitable droid.


Ok end of jokes.


SocialEyes from GWMicro is now available for ordering from the GWMicro online Store


This is the accessible application which interfaces with Facebook, and gives screen reader users great accessibility to Facebook functions.


Actually purchased the one year subscription to run on my Windows 7 laptop, and it does work really well: was able to check my messages and follow requests quite easily.


Microsoft drops the prices on the Surface RT from All Things D


Remember, this is the model that can not run standard Windows applications including screen readers (that is the Surface pro).  According to this article, Microsoft is finding it hard to sell the Surface RT's, and is hoping that a price drop up to 30 percent will help.


Access All Areas (IOS and Android app)


Description from the iOS App Store:


This app is a response to the access issues that many Australians face every day. By reporting these issues you can help us keep access on the agenda.

Reports are sent using your email address to the Australian Greens Disability Issues spokesperson who will use this information to lobby for improvements to disability access. Information will be collated into a report to Ministers responsible for Disability Issues.

Reports are compiled and can be viewed at:


Link to the iOS app store to download the free app:


Link to the Google Play Store:


How to clean Apple products


Although the following info concerns Apple products, it is a good reminder on how to clean desktop, mobile, keyboard and mice.


The following link contains information on how to clean your Apple OS X computer, iOS device or display:


This link gives you further information on how to clean your internal or external Apple keyboard, trackpad or mouse.


Innovative watch helps you feel what time it is (KickStarter) - from Mashable


This KickStarter project still has a way to run, but already it has far exceeded the minimum amount, and it just sounds nifty.

 This watch is designed to help wearers — including the blind and visually impaired — tell time through touch rather than sight.


Instead of traditional watch hands, time on "The Bradley" is indicated by two ball bearings: one on the top denoting minutes, and another on the side denoting hours.


10 milestones in the main streaming of accessibility from Dr Scott Hollier - from .net magazine


Always interesting to look back from where we have come from.

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