Monday, 29 July 2013

Talking Tech for July 30 2013

A sneak peak at Firefox OS Accessibility from Marco's blog:


With the official release of Firefox OS early in July 2013 in Madrid, Spain:


the development work on accessibility looks promising, now e have iOS, Android, Chrome OS, Microsoft Surface RT (guess we can still count this), and eventually FireFox OS.  Be nice to know where Windows phone is in all of this: i.e. screen reading.


The thing a like about the potential of Firefox OS, is that it will run on low end devices which seems to be the base test bed.


Hopefully the gossip about Apple releasing a cheap iPhone will prove to be true later on this year.


Using your EyeSight camera on your Macbook or iMac to directly add iTunes gift card codes to your iTunes account now available in Australia:


This functionality has been available for a while in the US, but I stumbled across this on the weekend.


When you go to redeem iTunes gift codes, after you put in your Apple ID, you can select the Camera button, hold the iTunes gift card up in front of your EyeSight camera (after you have peeled the sticker off), it takes the code off the card, and adds  it to your AppleID and tells you the amount that has been credited (of course the speaking is done if your running VoiceOver which reds it off the screen smile).


No more having to ask folks to read the code for you.


5 ways to improve Wi-Fi coverage at home:


I think my take away tips for increasing your wi-fi tips at home is to try and have the wireless router in the middle of your home, up towards the ceiling away from furniture, and make sure its not being interfered with by telephone portable base stations.


6 ways to toddler ((or  children in general) proof your gadgets


Main take away points for me were: cover your power points, cover the points in the power board itself, have a rugged case on your smartphone or tablet, and have a pin number to stop purchase's or viewing content that is not appropriate.

13 gadget sounds that you don't hear any more


Out of these 13 sounds identified in this article, these were my favourite:


Dot Matrix Printer: 


Floppy Disk Drive:


Dialup Modem Hand Shake:


Rotary Phone Dialing:

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