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Talking Tech for June 11 - Apple WWDC 2013 Keynote - my notes

Apple WWDC 2013 Keynote - my notes


My notes of interest from the WWDC 2013 Keynote address held in San Francisco on June the tenth at 10AM.   Although, when I was listening to the Keynote, it was actually June the eleventh at 3AM in Australia: o'well, the things we do that we are enthusiastic about.


I've also included links where appropriate which will take you to the website for more information (the site was updated with these links after the Keynote address).


Usual updates concerning Apple retail stores, app stores, iOS, and Macs.




OS X 10.9 called Mavericks, after a location in California.


Major features highlighted: 

1. iBooks now available on the Mac,

2. Maps (including send your destination to your iPhone for talking directions),

3. Calendar has a new look,

4. Improvements to Safari making it faster and easier to get to sites of interest,

5. iCloud KeyChain (storing your passwords on the cloud),

6. Multiple displays (including Apple TV),

7. Improvements to Notifications (including notifications from apps running on iOS), and

8. Finder - one window multiple tabs, tagging, under the hood features to increase battery life and application responsiveness..


Developer preview available today, public release in fall (our spring in Australia).


New Macbook air 11 and 13 inch models 


Discussion of the New Macbook air 11 inch (up to 9hr battery life), and the 13 inch (up to 12 hours battery life).  


Available from the Apple online store today.


New Airport Express and Time Capsules: 


also available today from the Apple online store..


New Mac pro (preview)


Preview of the new Mac pro: 1 eighth the size of the existing Mac pro, but way more powerful and high-tech design.


Available later this year.


iWorks for iCloud


Demo of iWork for iCloud: web based Pages, Numbers, and Keynote all accessed via a web browser including Safari, Internet Explorer, and Chrome.


Developer preview available today, public release later in the year.


IOS 7 - With a brand new look and feel.


1. Notifications Centre now available from the lock screen,  a notification once checked will clear on all iOS devices,and with a handy today overview.

2. New Control Centre also available from the lock screen giving quick access to turn features on or off (including Bluetooth), , and includes a flash light.

3. Apps can update in the background.

4. Beter multi-tasking control of apps.

5. Updates to various apps including Camera, Safari, and of course Siri (with more naturally sounding male and female voices plus more features).

6. AirDrop: easily share information with others via wifi or Bluetooth, no setup required.

7. iTunes Radio within the Music app: listen to preset or make up your own radio stations, available on iOS,  Apple TV,Mac and PC using iTunes.

8. App store: find apps that are relevant to your current location, and apps that are appropriate to a child's age.

9. Find my iPhone with new Active Lock feature preventing anyone from resetting your iPhone if it is stolen.

10.  Coming in 2014 with various car manufacturers: iOS in the car: allowing you to fully use your iPhone hands free.


Developer preview available today, public release in fall (our spring in Australia).


Watch the WWDC 2013 Keynote via Safari


It was also available via the Apple TV which was the way that I watched the Keynote this time around.

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