Friday, 14 June 2013

Organising equipment for travelling: buying a new computer bag

Finally updated my computer bag which I've been using for almost 10 years when travelling to see clients, attend conferences or give presentations.


I always dislike putting any of my equipment when travelling in to someone else's hands as I'm not sure how the bag that contains the equipment will be treated, and if possible, always preferred carrying my stuff onboard: whether an aircraft, train etc.



Unfortunately, due to the size of my current computer bag, it wouldn't go in to the overhead storage on aircraft, and the flight attendants usually had to stick it somewhere else, which meant again, I couldn't keep an eye on it as it were.


I had an opportunity this week to update my computer bag, and rather than going for bigger is better or getting a similar bag, decided to get a  bag that will fit in to the over head lockers on aircraft, hold it easily on a train or bus, fit in an overnight change of clothes, and be able to both carry or wheel it.


After only a small bit of shopping around, I purchased the HighSierra freewheel wheeled backpack.


The backpack has 3 zipped compartments (small, medium and large), indented wheels on either side, lugs on either side opposite wheels so that bag is sturdy when put down, a telescoping handle covered by a zipper when collapsed, a soft carrying handle just behind the telescoping handle, comfortable shoulder straps, and a reasonably large pocket on the side that you could stick in a bottle of water.


In side the large zipped compartment (behind the shoulder straps and where the handle extends), is a padded compartment to hold a laptop, plus plenty of room for clothes or anything else.


The middle medium zipped compartment, has an open pocket on the side closest to the large compartment, with the rest of the pocket being open to stick anything you like in to it.


The back small zipped compartment, has two pockets on the side closes to the middle compartment, two small pockets that you could fit a phone or digital recorder in to, and a bit of space for such items as UsB sticks, SD cards etc.


In to this backpack,  I was able to fit quite easily, my Macbook pro, Logitech solar K760 BT keyboard, iPad, Apple TV, Magic trackpad and Magic mouse, my iPHone, two digital recorders, all the necessary chargers/cables, and still have plenty of room for a change of clothes.


Haven't had a chance to wheel it around yet, but as a backpack, it is very comfortable, the wheels don't stick in to you, and it doesn't stick out to far behind you so if you turn around quickly, you won't knock anyone over.


Having this all in one bag, means that I have both hands free if its on my back or one hand if I'm wheeling it, which is a bonus if you have to control your Guide Dog at the same time (smile).


Of course, also having such a bag, means you can do the dash from aircraft to taxi without having to wait ages to get your bag from the baggage claim area.


Happy travelling again, including just going to and from work.



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