Saturday, 15 June 2013

No more new Nokia Symbian handsets

As the following link from PC World states:


Nokia has shipped their last Symbian handset.


I actually still remember when I got my first talking mobile phone (well PDA actually), it was the Nokia Communicator 910I with Talks I believe in 2003.  The actual phone part of the PdA didn't talk, but the actual PdA which interacted with the phone did quite nicely.  It was actually a demo done by FreedomBox (now Serotek) which put me on to the Nokia Communicator in the first place if my memory is not playing tricks.


Since then I only had two other Nokia Symbian based phones: the N70, and the N82.


On the AT Help Desk at Vision Australia, we still had folks purchasing the Nokia C5 with Talks up to now or upgrading their existing Talks licenses.  I believe we are still trying to source some more Nokia C5's, but I'm not sure what the outcome will be.  In the meantime, Vision Australia will continue to sell or upgrade Talks licenses as far as I know.  However, it really does sound like the end has come at last for Nokia Symbian based handsets in general.


if folks really really want a Nokia based Symbian phone capable of running Talks, there is always eBay.  After all they have been around for quite a long time, and this may be the chance to pick up a bargain for a second-hand handset.


I must admit for me, since I got my hands on my first iPhone in 2009 when VoiceOver was first introduced, I've never used a physical keypad based phone since.  Actually my work phone is my original iPhone, and my personal phone is the iPhone 5.


I guess most things have to come to an end eventually, 10 years or so for Talks is pretty good.



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