Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Talking Tech for August 9 and August 16 2016

Last few weeks have been very busy, just catching up now.  Here are the notes for Talking Tech for August 9 and August 16 2016.


My Adventures with Getting the NBN on


The wait from Telstra to get connected (fibre to the node), buying an actual modem to speed up the process didn’t work (still had to wait for the official modem to turn up), several appointment changes, but now it’s on: just over 3 weeks.


Everything is now faster: downloading movies on the Apple TV, uploading podcasts, everyone can stream in the house at the same time, downloading Audible books is faster etc etc.


Now have two Wi-Fi networks coming off the NBN modem: a 2.4 and a 5g network: 5g better for Phones, laptops, and tablets.


App News


Olympics on 7


Olympics On 7 to watch highlights of the Olympics sort of accessible: unlabelled buttons but you can listen to the highlights.

 Youtube Kids


Youtube Kids: if you have children and are worried about the content they are watching on Youtube, Youtube Kids tries to minimise the amount of inappropriate content that they can get access to: I just found Youtube even with it’s safe mote wasn’t working that well for my family, this does.

 KNFB Reader to go Free Sort of (smile)


KNFB Reader to be released for Free if you are a BrailleNote Touch customer for the next release of KeySoft in September.


WeMo Updates with Accessibility Improvements


WeMo app got updated with accessibility improvements: now identified each device connected correctly.

 ABC iView no Longer Supporting Audio Description


ABC iView no longer supporting Audio Description: trial complete and not extended.  The option under Programs A-Z no longer has the Audio Description selection.

 Blind Fold App developer releases RS Games for iOS, not just Mac or PC


BlindFold RS Games for iOS now available:  besides PC/Mac.  20 games, limited time to play each game and then an in-app purchase.

 Remote app for the Apple tv 4th Generation Allows you to Use Siri


Remote app for Apple TV allows you to use Siri via the Remote app to the Apple TV: did a podcast on this, and its great using Siri on the Remote app on my iPhone to control the Apple TV.

 Apple Store app Keeps Updated with Recommendations


Apple Store app gets updated with new recommendation features: don’t think it is as good it’s made out to be, I got a recommendation for an iPhone 6s Battery case which I already have.

 Looktel Money Reader get a New Name and Goes Free


Looktel Money Reader gets a new name and goes free: now called Nantmobile Money Reader.


My Story About My Apple Watch 42MM with the tough Sapphire Glass Breaking


Slither of Sapphire glass came off the top edge of the watch, took it to the Apple Store and locally enough it was covered under my Apple Care plan.  So rather than costing $435 for a replacement, it only cost me $119.  Just shows good to have insurance for your devices, in this case Apple Care.



Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Now Available as an eBook


As this book is primarily the script for the play, having the name of each character announced and then that character speaking as it were was a bit off putting at first, but after a while you do get used to it.


You can find this book either in the Kindle store or on iBooks.




How to Change how Much you Skip Forward or Backwards in an Audio Book in iBooks


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