Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Talking Tech for August 23 2016

July and August AccessWorld Catch Up




The article that stood out for me the most in the July edition of AccessWorld was the item relating to Amazon bringing speech output to the Amazon Kindle Paper White version 7 with the Audio Adapter..






BrailleNote Touch, The I.D. Mate Galaxy, sonar Glasses, and Low Vision Access Technology part 2.




Sound Cloud demo of the Samsung Ultra HD TV Voice Guide Feature


A bit of a unprepared  demo, but this demo gives you some idea of the capabilities of Voice Guidance in the Samsung TV.




Two Blog Articles from Holly Bonner re OrCam Part 1 and 2


Part 1: Journey to OrCam:




Part 2: experiencing OrCam:




Google Duo: simple video calling app for Android and iOS


Nice simple video calling app that works well with iPhone and Android phones: i.e. the app is tied to a phone number.




Android App Link




iOS App Link




Google Talkback Update


Main improvements:

Announcement when there are no new elements of a given type on a webpage: e.g. no more headings.

Supports text editing in Chrome.

Supports multipage views: e.g. page 2 of 5.

Announces text that has been selected, cut/copied pasted.

Global context menu new option: copy last spoken phrase to clipboard.




A Single Cable to Charge your Android and iOs devices


You can find this on Amazon: the Just Mobile AluCable  Duo: nice to have one cable that does both Micro UsB and Lightening: unfortunately now I have a Nexus phone with a UsB C style connector.




How to Clean a MacBook Keyboard without Activating Keys


Keyboard Cleaner which is a 3rd party app for the Mac locks all the keys down besides Command+Q (Quit) so that you can clean the keyboard without activating keys: particularly the power key.




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