Monday, 16 May 2016

Talking Tech for May 17 2016

Trekz Titanium Bone Conduction Head Phones


Just purchased up an update of my 2nd generation of the Bluez 2 Bone Conduction Head phones, and these new ones are much more comfortable to ware.


There is a new distributer of these head phones in Australia:

Alchin Consulting. The web address is 

The retail for $199, and Mr Alchin will donate $5 back to Vision Australia.


Audio Adrenaline Bundle


you can get these 3 excellent audio games: Space Encounter, Audio Rally Racing and Audiospeed at $29.99 Australian as a bundle. 


Global Accessibility  Awareness Day May 19 2016


Join the Global Accessibility Day on Thursday, May 19 2016 and mark the fifth Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD). The purpose of GAAD is to get people talking, thinking and learning about digital (web, software, mobile, etc.) 


The target audience of GAAD is the design, development, usability, and related communities who build, shape, fund and influence technology and its use. While people may be interested in the topic of making technology accessible and usable by persons with disabilities, the reality is that they often do not know how or where to start.  Awareness comes first


Go to Vision Australia’s webpage to find out what we are doing or look at the official Global Accessibility Awareness Day page:


Vision Australia

Global Accessibility Awareness Day 


More Equipment News from Vision Australia


Vision Australia Equipment Solutions will soon be selling over the next few Months Android phones that can come pre-installed with the Synapptic software that I talked on the program previously, and most exciting of all, Vision Australia will be selling a simple to use large print button mobile phone.


The large print button phone should be available sometime in June.


Apple Online Store now with it’s Own Accessibility Category


Apple is now selling through it’s online store a number of products including items for AbleNet, Humanware (Braille displays), and the Skoog tactile music maker. 


The 50 Most Influential Gadgets of All Time


Just an interesting read.

Some of these devices included: 


Sony Discman (age of CDS),

Sony Walkman,

Apple iBooks (first laptop to offer wi-fi), 

Amazon Kindle,

Poleroid camera,


ToMTomTom GPS,

IBM Selecric Typewriter,


Transistor Radio,



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