Monday, 9 May 2016

Talking Tech for May 10 2016

Info Sound: a discussion of the Synaptic Software for Android devices


An Android launcher that simplifies the Android experience by putting applications in to an easy to use menu.


Large print, high contrast, speech feedback and voice control is available.


Some of the apps included:




Web browsing,


Address book.



Alarm clock,


Voice memos,


Reading machine (OCR),

MP3 player,


RSS podcasts,

Internet radio etc.


$190 Pounds or $364.


The Ballyland Magic App for Teaching 6 to 8 Year Olds How to Use VoiceOver Gestures


Interesting concept for teaching young children how to use VoiceOver gestures: 1 finger flick left and right, 1 finger double tap and 3 finger flick left or right: by getting a number of characters to rehearse and put on a magic show.


Demo of a Great New Free Audio Game: Audio Game Hub


This app for iOS is self voicing and contains 8 games: Archery, Hunt, Samurai tournament, Samurai Dojo, Labyrinth, Memory, and Blocks.


My Demo:


iOS App Store link:


My Demo of Using Microsoft Outlook on the Mac


A few weeks ago I stated how good I was finding Office 2016 for the Mac, here is a demo from me on using Outlook on the Mac.  Again, Microsoft is to be congratulated for doing such a fantastic job. 


Apple Watch turns One


Late April, the Apple watch turned one, and I’m still using mine. 

60 Fun Things to Ask Siri


Think some folks have to much time on their hands.

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